Gaia started as a few admins running a small server in a living room, but member contributions have helped us move to a great office and have a full and talented staff building events and features.

Gaia would not be here if not for the support from members like you. Our members mean a lot to us, both financially and emotionally. We’re honored that our members are willing to trade their hard-earned money for the monthly virtual items we come up with, and for helping the growth of the community at the same time.

Recently, we’ve heard of more concerns from parents and members over the word “donation”. Since Gaia is not a non-profit organization, “donation” is probably not the most appropriate word to use. To avoid any confusion, and to avoid chances of us running into legal trouble, we’ve decided to stop using the word “donation” to describe the monthly items we offer. What were once called “donation items” will soon be known as “monthly collectibles”.

Does this mean that we’ve gone all greedy and your money is being funneled to some rich corporate fat-cat now? Definitely not! The change is only in wording to address the confusion. Your money is still going to the exact same place, and being used for the exact same things. Your money helps us pay the artists, designers, programmers and all-around geniuses who work hard to make Gaia the greatest hangout on the web. It helps us expand our technology to make Gaia run faster and more smoothly. It helps us stay in our own offices, where we can yell and scream ideas at each other and gather enough talents to make big projects like the Battle System a possibility.

So nothing is changed but the name itself, and we will continue to work hard for the new features to come. Have fun at the Halloween event! We’ve just bought a rack full of servers to make sure that the event will run smoothly, and all of that would not have been possible if not for your contributions.