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ice hockey is by far one of the best sports ever. I don't play but my brother does and its awesome to watch. who agrees xd
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                    Canada agrees.
Inspecteur Plekanec
                    Canada agrees.
And Soviet Russia.
I especially luv wen dey beat da crap outta each other
heart burning_eyes
Inspecteur Plekanec
                    Canada agrees.
And Soviet Russia. lolz
I'm in love with hockey.
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Happy Thinks so too.....cool as smile
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Ice hockey is pretty badass, and probably the most hardcore sport other than Football biggrin
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top hat wombat
                    Canada agrees.

Don't forget the Fins, Swedes, and Czechs!

Plenty of hockey to go around! smile
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Gods game.
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how many of you really have played hockey. i mean its one thing to watch it and love it but it is even better play cause then you can really understand the game and you get more it to it. in europe the is a game called hard ball roller hockey. it is the same set of ice hockey but it is not played on ice but on a hard wood floor. it has less gear but it has the same rules as ice and it has the same level of fights and it is a bloodier game and it is easier to understand. if you are a hockey fan it is really easy to find a small team that plays in your area that you could go watch. it is really good way to get to know the game cause after the game you can talk to some of the players and really know why they got into the game. give it a shot. anyone in washington state i can help them find some games to go and watch if you want... rofl
Best sport ever smile
I watch and play

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