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Much as I love standing in a pile of rubble all day, it's getting to the point where we really need to think about rebuilding H&R Wesley. Edmund is still out gallivanting with Gino Gambino, and I have no idea when he'll be back-- but after all he's done for us, it would be nice for him to come back to a not-blown-up shop.

The other shopkeepers have agreed to pitch in, but we can't do it alone. Head to Gaia's shopping district to get involved... we'd be happy to repay your hard work with a nice little gift.

One more thing: I happen to know that Edmund has been toying with renaming his shop for quite some time. I still have his notebook full of name ideas, and since we're looking for a fresh start, this might be the time to pick one. Then again, there's something comforting about sticking to the original name. If you help rebuild the shop, you'll get to vote in a special poll that decides whether or not we rebrand the business.