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Happy Friday, EI fans! I'm glad I took vitamins this morning, because this EI report is big, big, huge! Not only are we meeting the first member of Bremen, but Modus Operandi is evolving for the last time, and it's enormous! Take a look:
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    User Image Band of Bremen - What's this hidden in the album sleeve? A ticket to a five-day exclusive meet-and-greet with Bremen! Your first day of fanclub fun is with Fawn, Bremen's graceful and gentle guitarist. What's first, an autumn stroll through the forest, or a relaxing cup of tea?

    User Image As the Modus Operandi comes to a perplexing end, a newspaper article and a case file (attached to the end of this announcement) are all that's left to finish the tale:

    By J. Grimm
    A grisly scene unfolded in our little kingdom earlier this week when the bodies of Officers Bricks, Sticks, and Straw were discovered in a forest clearing. They appear to have been killed some hours apart, with the same small blade.

    The prime suspect in the case is Detective Wolfe, the criminal profiler who had been working with the officers on the recent Princess murders. Articles of Wolfe's clothing and his blood, most likely from a minor injury sustained in the final struggle with Bricks, were discovered at the scene, as were the words "happily ever after" written in the officers' blood. The startling resemblances to the scenes of the Princess murders, and the fact that there have been no further killings since his disappearance, suggest that Wolfe may be connected to those as well. Having met this abrasive man myself several times during the investigation, this humble reporter certainly believes him capable of murder.

    No evidence has of yet been discovered as to Wolfe's whereabouts. But sleep tight, little kingdom, this brutal killer will certainly be caught before he can strike again. After all, who's afraid of the big bad Wolfe?

Eeeeep! I'm kind of bouncing up the walls because not only is Band of Bremen looking really cool this week, but Modus Operandi comes with SO MUCH GREAT STUFF! Also, these vitamins are really, really good. Good stuff, I feel really, really good. Real good. I special ordered them from a place online. I feel really, really nice and good. I feel great, actually! I feel so good! Ah! I think I need to go run a mile! Hey, let's go vote in the weekly EI poll and then run a lot, and maybe do some jumping jacks. I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest, but in a good way! Is that weird? I feel great! Hey, see you next time!

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