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Hi, guys! We've got a fantastic little Cash Shop update today: it's all about emotions, and it features some really clever new ways to express yourself. We've got four new items to choose from, plus a value-priced bundle that collects them all.

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    Angelic Manner - These cute and lighthearted facial expressions show an entirely new dimension of your personality.

    Demonic Style - Creepy, angry, silly and mischievous expressions to express your weirdest moods.

    Mr. Emotion - A cute little bunnylike mascot of emotion-- he'll contentedly sit on your head or throw a little tantrum if you pinch his cheeks.

    Mystery Mood - Grants you one of dozens of exclusive new mood bubbles to show off the depth of your emotional complexity.

    Mood Swing Bundle - Includes all of the above, plus the exclusive Panda Mood Bubble, available only in this collection!

These are some real must-haves, so don't miss out! Head over to the Cash Shop to pick 'em up:

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