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Favorite Green Lantern?

Alan Scott 0.042105263157895 4.2% [ 4 ]
Hal Jordan 0.27368421052632 27.4% [ 26 ]
Guy Gardner 0.14736842105263 14.7% [ 14 ]
Kyle Rayner 0.25263157894737 25.3% [ 24 ]
John Stewart 0.11578947368421 11.6% [ 11 ]
Kilowog 0.042105263157895 4.2% [ 4 ]
Tomar Re 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Sinestro 0.063157894736842 6.3% [ 6 ]
Abin Sur 0.010526315789474 1.1% [ 1 ]
Other 0.052631578947368 5.3% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 95 ]
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kyle raynor is the best. but, i wonder how he fits into the new dcu?
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I'm partial to Hal Jordan. Being a Green Arrow fan of old, I can't help but love him for the amazing character development between him and Oliver Queen. I'm curious as to how that will pan out in the new 52--if it appears at all.

But poor Mogo. </3
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Honestly, I'm just surprised so many people like Guy Gardner...but then again, the comments left for why they like him aren't too endearing. Lol!

John Stewart for me. Someone said he had limited imagination...THE GUY IS AN ARCHITECT AND A VETERAN U.S. MARINE!!!! He's a force to be reckoned with, whether he has the ring or not. Sure, Hal is the poster boy, which makes him popular; and Kyle had Ion...but he's just a bit "soft" in my book... Close tie for second? Katma Tui and Kilowag.
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Wellp. I just started reading Green Lantern about... three months ago when I bought the Blackest Night trade book. Since then, I've caught up on most of the last run of GL, though I haven't touched Green Lantern Corps. So far, I like Hal Jordan the best, which seems only natural based on what i've read. I really wanna learn more about Kyle Rayner, though, which is why I'm so excited for New Guardians.
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Alan Scott, although I do like Sodam Yat.
I think Sinestro is the best...but ofcourse I adore him most as a Yellow lantern <3
I say Kyle since he has the best sense of imagination. There's no limit to what he can imagine for his constructs.

All Hal does is shoot lasers........booooooooring.

Plus, Kyle is the most easy to relate with, Hal came from this golden age generation where he's too...idk, out of place and seems too invulnerable to everything: "man without fear." IMHO
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Kyle Rayner because of his unlimited imagination (it nearly drove him crazy when he was separated from his ring during a JLA plot); his courage (not fearless instead he overcomes the constant fear with his willpower); and sense of humor. He successfully protected the universe when there was no GL Corp thanks to Hal Jorden murdering everyone. Kyle is also one of the best hand-to-hand human GL's thanks to training from Batman.
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Guy Gardner. By far the most entertaining, and a great Red Lantern.
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The King of Hearts 4711
Has anyone read Blackest Night? Or Brightest Day?
i did and that's why i prefer hal

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