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* STUFF = boys/genderless creatures and pets too! wink
All are welcome to play.

Sexy Ugly Guild
Certing Thread

Happy Newb Year's Party!
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Be nice or leave. Have the most fun evar.
Some people suck, tell me and I will deal with it so you don't hafta.
Pay as soon as you win or else I get stabby.
I will never take your pet away for ANY reason, that's just dumb.
* Everybody here is unique our characters too!

All trades go to me SexyUgly Shop /page number must be included!

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User ImageI look into this mirror and what do I see?
A beautiful creature starring back at me. -

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Characters/items/accessories are sold in flatsales, auctions, and raffles.
Characters/items/accessories are given away as freebies, games and gifts.

Journal entries are not mandatory, but appreciatedwith benefits, gifts and/or freebies.

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''I'm a Monster girl... in a Monster world..."

This world is a parallel world to humans. We do not know each other exist.
The same rules apply except that magic is stronger. All inhabitants of this
Monster World have special abilities. What is yours?

Monster Cafe is a bakery run by Ooola the Voodoo Baker. All creatures are welcome
who can breath on land or fit in the doorway. There are special accommodations out back
to suit the others.

You may rp with your SexyUgly characters in shop or here in the guild: Sexy Ugly Guild

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-Character Cookie Customs- none available at this time
User ImageCarnation Cookie = 300k Basic creature custom. You say what kind of creature you want to see
and I will wield my weird magick for you.

User ImageCerulean Cookie- 1million gold Your OC or character custom. Made just the way you say in my unique style.

n/a- Cosplay

-Custom List-
1.Graceangel- Cerulean Cookie // doodlingpaid
2.Ninjagami Ryo Kage- Cerulean Cookie //Paid
3.Lita Maxwell- Cerulean Cookie//paid

-Bribe Slots-
At least 500k for Carnation
1.5mil for Cerulean.

2. closed

-Auction Wins-

-Quest Fairy Winners-
1. tba

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-Character List-

anemosagkelos/?/Rusalka /X/Auction Win
Astraea Pandora/?/Plum Goo Girl/X/ Game
BeastlyBrains/Peaches/Dino/X/Carnation Cookie

ChezaRain/Dastan/Incubus/X/Carnation Cookie Custom
CitrusCupcake/Sati/?/X/Cerulean Cookie Custom
Cynnybun/?/Sea Slug/X/Cerulean Cookie
cursedandwandering/?/Spider/X/Auction Win

ElvishSorceress/?/Anubis/X/Cerulean Cookie
ElvishSorceress /?/Panties
ElvishSorceress/?/Baphomet/X/Flatsale cyo

Erina_Nobara/Selina/Foxy Lady/X/Cerulean Cookie
ex o ex Snoof/?/X/Ghoul/Flatsale

Frosty peaches/Sue/Bat/X/Flatsale
fluorescein/?/Incubus/X/Cerulean Cookie

Graceangel/?/Bunny/X/Auction Win
Graceange/?/?/X/Custom Win

Huni Pi/?/Elf/X/Flatsale

iStoleYurVamps/Marcus/Vampire/ X/ Cerulean Custom Cookie
iStoleYurVamps/?/Deer/ X/ Carnation Cookie Custom

Kamileunaire/Manfred/Manticore/X/Carnation Cookie Custom
Kiara Adachi/Sophia/Harpy/ X/ Carnation Cookie Custom

Knight Captain Duckeh/?/Vampire/X/ Satchel

Krashed Bets/Mango/Squirrel Butler/X/Cerulean Cookie
Krashed Bets/Nahoa/ Shark/ X/Carnation Cookie Custom
Krashed Bets/Toff & Sims/Mouthtail/X/Custom

Lita Maxwell/?/Gargoyle/X/Flatsale
Lita Maxwell/?/?/X/Custom Win

Lural/Ether/Sylph/X/Carnation Cookie
Lural/Tira/Hostess Maid/X/Carnation Cookie

Madness_insanity/Sucre/goo-girl /X/ Cerulean Cookie Custom
Madness_insanity/Giles/Gingerbread Man/X/Carnation Cookie

nekolulu /?Boxers
NeonMace/?/BugPerson/X/Cerulean Cookie
Ninjagami Ryo Kage/?/?/X/Custom Win

Ooola/Voodoo Baker/X/Mule

Poe-tae-toee/Tame/Matchstick Grrl/X/Auction Win.

Quaji/Natalia /X/Satyr/Flatsale

Ragers/Amadour/Tentaspy/X/Cerulean Cookie Custom
Ragers/BlackJack/ Were Skunk/X/Cerulean Cookie
Ragers/Daisy/Plant Girl/X/Flatsale
Ragers/?/Black Cat/ X/Flaffle
Ragers/?/Snowman/X/Flatsale gift

Rapidashtrainer/Elurie/Ghost/X/Carnation Custom


RockerWolfie1616/?/Rabbit-wolf/X/Quest Fairy
Roxy_roxanna2/?/Swamp Lady/X/Custom

saedusk/?/FooDog/X/Cerulean Cookie
SexyUgly/Plantra/Plant Girl/ X/Mule

Snowbelle Thundara /?/Condoms

Soldier of Song/?/Minotaur/X/Carnation Cookie
Syrcaid/?/Unicorn/X/Auction Win
Syrcaid/?/Chuppacabra/X/Flatsale cyo

Tasinei/Liqiu/Chinese Dragon/X/Cerulean Cookie Custom
Tenko72/?/Nue/X/Quest Fairy
Thy Reaper/?/SugarSkullette/X/Flatsale
Tiger_Kisa699/ ???/Uni-Quilin/X/Carnation Cookie

Werebit/Were-Rabbit/ X/ Mule
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Art by Tandye(Ooola, Werebit, Plantra, Igorini +more)
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