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❛ Vivienne ¤ Moloch ❜

Vivienne glances down at her wrist, looking into the face of the watch she wore. "Sh*t!" She snaps, jumping to her feet. Reaching into her long coat, she shoves a greasy hand into her left rear pocket fumbles around for some cash as she licked the fingers of her other hand clean. When she withdraws her hand, she had a wad of random bills in her fist. Sifting through them, she separates a twenty from the bunch and slaps it down on the counter. "Keep the change." Before leaving, she scoops a bit of food into her mouth.

Taking off at a run, she heads downtown to the area where all of the clubs were. She'd gotten word about a band that was coming into town. Apparently it had some sort of connection to the monsters she hunted and they were playing at one of the clubs out there. Tonight she planned to find out exactly what that connection was. It was just a reconnaissance mission because, for all she knew, all of them were filthy blood suckers and she was getting way in over her head.

Checking up and down the street, there were neon lights and people lined up all over the place. The heavy bass of music from inside the clubs sneaked through the doors as people were let in. ‘Which one was it...’ She couldn't remember the name of the club off the top of her head, but she knew she would recognize it when she saw it.

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Location: Downtown: Club District
Thoughts: What was the name of that damn club?
Out-of-Character: Sorry I haven't posted. :C Here's hoping this revives the thread a bit!