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Strauss hardly slept the previous night, tossing, turning, and muttering unintelligibly on the diner’s floor before the screeching of tires and dozens of boots hitting the ground woke him. The raiders weren’t pulling any punches and whoever was in the compound they were attacking probably had no idea they were coming. That made Strauss sick to the stomach, but once they pulled out and started rolling, they’d have their chance to escape…one chance and one chance only, which meant they had to get it right or else they’d end up dead like those Stalkers were bound to be later that morning. Strauss quickly got dressed, pulled his bootlaces tight, and stuffed his Smith and Wesson Model 10’s in the holsters beneath his jacket before grabbing his pack and looking out the window, barely seeing first light. Now was the time…now was the time for Step 1, but the stage for Step 2 had to be set up beforehand.

Strauss didn’t arouse any suspicion gearing up and getting ready to go and the raider radio operator behind the diner’s counter figured they needed every crazy mother they could spare out there, including Strauss himself. Strauss, making a quick trip to the bathroom, filled a steel cup with homemade whiskey, a flask of which he took off Rex before they threw his corpse out, along with a couple tablets of “roofies,” which Rex used to drug female victims to sleep or into submission before repeatedly raping them. Strauss crushed them up and mixed them with the whiskey before going out the back, moving quickly past the horde of raiders in the parking lot, and climbing the water tower where Ronn, the raider sniper was, just as everyone, except for the Black Skull group began rolling out. He lied about the drink coming from Daisy who occasionally used Ronn as her personal ********, and Ronn, thinking him too dumb to lie to him, much less drug him, took it without much question. Now all they needed was for the drugs to take effect, during which Strauss slid down the tower’s ladder and made haste towards entrance to the motel’s basement where Gale was being held.

“Yeah, Strauss, what do you wa -- ? GUUUUHH!! Hnnngghh…mmmmmffff!!” the raider guarding the door to the basement struggled, startled and shocked as Strauss “fishtailed” the blade of his knife between his ribs, cutting up his left lung and the ventricles of his heart before his eyes rolled back into their sockets and his grip over his forearm went flaccid. Strauss then quickly fumbled through his clothing, finding the keys before unlocking the door and dragging his corpse down with him. Strauss then locked the door behind himself, grabbed the raider sentry’s sawed-off pump-action shotgun, along with his bandolier containing a dozen shells, and moved to where Gale was. He then pushed Gale away from the basement’s grill and looked hastily towards the tower, seeing Ronn trying to get ahold of himself and slumping over near the railing before taking the electronic screwdriver from last night out of his pack and handing it along with the shotgun and the shells to Gale himself. “We d-don’t have much time. G-g-get the grill off and I’ll go out first. T-then I’ll pull you up and we’ll make a run for the fence. We don’t have much time. H-hurry!” Strauss told Gale anxiously. They had less than 15 minutes before the sun went up, maybe less before someone saw Ronn unconscious or noticed that the raider sentry he killed wasn’t at his post. This was life by the minute…precious few minutes and it felt like his brain being eaten by ants while they were at it.

(Sorry this took so long. Had a crazy week and things are about to get hectic again. Hopefully, my schedule clears up within the next few days)
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"Give me the sound to see.
Another world outside that's full of all the broken things that I made."
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Early morning, LC was already wide awake and standing outside of her family's homestead. If the three room shack could be called that anyway. Her handgun, including the new attachment, was securely hanging at her hip. After the trip to the medic's tent the following night, she had allowed Richard to stay put in her home as a way to offer her thanks for the efforts he pulled during the previous hours. Far as Laena knew, the older man was still fast asleep. While her mother was busy tidying things up as a means to keep herself occupied.

LC however, was keeping herself busy by watching various individuals, either soldiers or civilians meander to and fro. Obviously they were taking what alarming news she uncovered to heart and beyond just a little bit. Considering how everyone and just about every other defense surrounding the Zone was on high alert. "And all before the sun even began to rise." LC muttered beneath her mask and reached up to pull the goggles down over her eyes.

The Stalker, sans any homemade explosives for the time being, started off with a brisk pace and proceeded to make her rounds around the camp. Looking this way and that for anything she might've been able to help with.
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((OOC: So... Don't tease me, I don't know how to use gun's just yet. Dx ))

Like many others living in the zone it had seemed to Teya that death stared at them straight in the eyes each passing day. She sat within the a safe portion of the thicket, scrubbing off some dirt over her cheeks using the tough fabric of her new body suit. Back at the Outposts shops, after trading in some medicinal flowers she acquired a more fitted attire to put up with the harsh environments. Away from the safety of the Outposts Teya had spent the morning hunting for any smaller prey. With the bright sun providing just enough light the flower girl was confident enough to feel safe and wander in the deeper quadrants of a particular forest. Overgrown trees curled their thorns veiling the cold forest floors.

A white fog hovered low and around Teya as she stepped cautiously through several mud pits. Silent as the wind she scanned each small bush, listening for the slightest movements of a small critter. Teya hoped she would find some type of animal that could serve as a healthy meal, and eating the one of the most mutated of monsters wasn't a very pleasant experience.

A loud rumble erupted from Teya's stomach. Stopping in her tracks, she rubbed it intensely, hoping that her hunger would cease. She suddenly heard twigs snapping behind a thick poison berry bush. Quick to grasp her shotgun Teya reached behind her head, drawing it out and pointing straight ahead. As much as she hated to admit, Teya was still all too new on how to properly handle a gun, but the urge to find the next meal pushed her to her limits. With a steady aim, and a quick pump to the gun a small rabbit revealed itself. It hopped about in an innocent manner, sniffing the air before dashing off as gun shots went off in the distance. "Darn it!" she cursed. It had seemed that other hunters were up and about, hunting in the same forest as herself. The rabbit she had her sights on was startled and already darted off deeper into the thick woods of the forest.

First instinct was to lay low and keep quiet. Teya quickly hid behind a bed of plants in an overgrowth of large dark green leaves wide enough to cover her petite size. She listened to the sound of footsteps walking a few feet away. Peeking between the openings of some plants Teya spotted a familiar face. "Harold?" Knowing that the approaches weren't raiders or bandits Teya was able to sigh with relief. Her stomach growled louder a second time, and the first thing that came to mind was to ask for help. Teya was in fact lost after wandering off so far from the Outposts. Wherever it was Teya knew that she was utterly hopeless and finally came to the decision to catch up to Harold and his assistant. Upon reaching a more quieter and peaceful area of the forest Harold had entered a wolf's den. Teya peeked inside without the thought of properly introducing herself to the group. She waved softly and stuttered. "Excuse me. Would any of you mind if I rested here with you?"
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“How did I stay alive this long? I’ll tell you how. I always keep my word. Screw your clients or customers over and you’ll be face down in a grave before you know it.
And that doesn’t apply to just traders, either…”

Cold dark morning, light fog rolling, Feli, Leroy, Mod, and Julia still sleeping…all while they watched the wolves feeding. Few things made Harold feel better than knowing Julia was safe and that Leroy and Reuben didn’t wind up dead like their three comrades. It was also almost surreal standing that close to the wolves without those things trying make them part of their meal…even more so that Rosellia got the pack to tolerate them, especially with a brood of pups in the den. Wolves were known to fight ruthlessly and sometimes kill predators far larger than themselves when pups were present, yet they remained unscathed and the wolves stayed docile…that is until Harold and Reuben, who were about to light a couple cigs heard a light rustle, the nearby wolves perked their ears up, and their fur bristled. Harold quickly dropped the faded pack of cigs while Reuben stuffed his lighter in his jacket pocket before both reached for their weapons and Teya came out of the brush several meters away, the wolves now crouched and growling behind them. Teya...sporting new threads and equipment, plus a new shotgun. Probably got them from John, but they wouldn't do her much good if the wolves set upon her all at once.

“Teya….Stop right there. Don’t. Move. Whatever you do…don’t look at the wolves and don’t move,” Harold told the girl with a stern yet worried look with his hands in front of him as the wolves took a couple steps forward and growled a bit louder. “Shhhh…easy there fellas…she doesn’t want to hurt you and she doesn't want your food…easy now…easy…” Harold told the wolves quietly, though his words, unlike Rosellia’s seemed to fall on deaf ears. “Reuben, get Rosellia and wake Julia and the others up. We can’t stay here much longer. The longer we stay here, the more we risk putting the pack and others in danger,” Harold told the old hunter before Reuben slung his Mauser M03 and ran inside the wolves’ den. "It's alright, Teya. Just stay still and don't move."

“Rose, we need your help. One of Harold’s friends found the den, but your wolves outside look like they could attack at any minute. I’ll dry Aaron up and take care of him for you ‘til you get back. Hurry,” the old hunter told the wolf girl. He knew how to handle an infant since he once had a child of his own, though a little over two half decades took their toll and he was admittedly a bit rusty at doing so. Julia also began waking up upon hearing the commotion, rubbing her eyes before hearing Reuben’s voice and shaking Leroy and Feli awake after she realized what was going on. They fulfilled last night’s promise to Rosellia and her wolves. Now, they had to leave the wolves' den before someone…someone who was actually hostile stumbled across them.

(Sorry this took so long. Been very busy as of late and my head was hurting really bad yesterday)
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Rosellia Knightwing

The wild and savage woman


                                                          Rosellia was humming a soft tune as she washed Aaron. He was giggling happily and smaking his little hands at the water in the large half gord before Rose heard the sudden growling over towards the front of the cave. Blinking she lifted her head slightly before looking at Reuben when he came over to tell her something about what was going on out front. Nodding she gently patted Aaron on the head and growled lightly to him which made the little guy try to make a growl back by copying his mom but then turned back to playing in the makeshift baby tub.

                                                          She then walked towards the front of the cave to see some of the male wolves were growling viciously towards the unknown person outside the cave. Her eyes blinked curiously before they turned to the wolves and she let out a deep menacing growl. This caused the wolves to jump and suddenly walk backwards before whimpering and growling in her direction. She growled back sternly and the wolves backed down instantly. She then sighed and looked over to Harold. "Human girl..no dangerous..? Because human girl is Juju's papa friend.." she said happily before she turned and headed back into the cave to salt the meat to preserve it a bit before cooking up a few chunks for her and Aaron to enjoy.

                                                          Aaron's Baby picture(Just with long red hair and pointy ears as well as claws.)

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Gale Meadows
Zone Messenger/Carpenter

The sudden noise at the grill made Gales eyes brighten. "Strauss?" he whispered, smiling slightly as the blonde haired raider became visible. "Thought you weren't coming" he said in relief, stepping back when gently pushed away, taking the shot gun and the screwdriver through the bars. He placed the gun on the floor and got to work, prying the grill loose with the screwdriver quietly. He shoved his rucksack and gun through first, before leaping up, his good leg scratching at the wall as Strauss pulled him up and through the small gap into daylight. "I can't tell you how good that feels..." Gale said, lugging his rucksack onto his back and inhaling the air with a grin. "Ok...what way?" he asked the young raider, before following as quick as he could, his limp hindering him.

"Keep going, I'll catch up..."Gale said gently, knowing the lad would worry about him falling behind. He growled at his injury, his mind still telling him it hurt, it was still recovering. "Do you know the plan for the outpost? I have people there I care about, I'd hate to see them hurt..." he said, his mind wandering to Harlod and Julia, Usanagi...Gavin...no....not Gavin...he was dead. He ground his teeth together angrily at the thought and looked forward again, a glint catching his eye. A raider had spotted Strauss and him, and was carefully aiming at the lad. Fear stabbed at Gales heart, he couldn't loose another friend to these monsters...no...not again. Images of Gavins head blown across the floor of his shop made his stomach churn, imaginary images that made him see red.

He felt the wind rush through his hair, the screwdriver in his hand. His footfalls perfect and silent, his arms pumping by his side. With a leap, he crashed into the larger raider with ease, the screwdriver driving straight into the mans head violently, ripping out with a squelch before the large body fell still after jerking and twitching, eyes wide an mouth gaping open in shock. Gale blinked in disbelief, looking round, taking in the distance. How on earth did he get here to so....quick. His mind cleared, no longer foggy with thoughts and fears, worry. His leg was fixed...of course it had been for a long while. His eyes lit up like lanterns, glowing with the youth that was still inside him as his lungs inhaled the air. He was born to run, he was a runner...a messenger. He had speed on his side...and god how he missed it. "Strauss!" he called, hair whipping in the wind as he raced towards the raider, legs a little unsteady but every stride strong and powerful. He caught up with remarkable speed, a big smile on his face. "Lets run! Come on!" he said, eyes burning brightly, his body shaking with energy. Who cares if he just killed someone, he saved a friend...he was himself again as a result. "Come on!" he urged, tugging Strauss into motion and racing ahead towards the zone.

The brief fear struck his heart as the dark shadowy enclave of the zone approached. A breath caught in his lungs before he pushed through that wall, eyes narrowing "You don't scare me..." he growled, picking up speed. He burst through the bushes, skidding to a halt in a clearing, buzzing with energy, eyes wild as he took in the sights. "I was born for this strauss....this is who I was...who I am!" he looked to the lad, gripping his hair "I'm a Zone messenger! I realise now.....there was nothing I could have done...and with the Zone, you have to bite back" he said looking around "Ok, which way?" he asked, adjusting his gun on his back, stretching his legs. "Shortest route would be best, if we can beat the raiders to the outpost, we can warn them, give the place a chance. I don't know this area at all" he murmured.

. . . . . ──────────────────────────────── . . . . .

"...Horrible thing, the past
It hunts alone, stalking one piece of prey its whole life
Once it has you in its grip, it's nearly impossible to break free
the fear, the anger, the pain...it chokes the very life out of you..."

((OOC: Hopefully I didn't go to far ))

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