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Narumi Misuhara
Gonna post this one more time, and if it's not answered, I'll assume it's intentional....

Hi Guys! smile
Sorry I'm late, but it's a holiday here in Canadaland, and I was doing holiday stuff (yard work).

Anyways, I was wondering how things are coming along with the Server Automation for zOMG!.

We're still getting some pretty fierce lag-storms, and increased Server Cycling frequency would really help.

Thanks! blaugh

*shrug* no idea, not anything I'm in the loop on currently.

Thanks Narumi.
It was initially mentioned several weeks back that someone (I'll have to do some digging for the specifics) was looking into a way of automating the zOMG! Server Cycling process, which, needless to say, was like hearing I'd won the Lottery.
I wasn't expecting anyting overnight of course, but an update would be greatly appreciated. smile
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I have a question. My gf's username is iLost Lonely Waffle and she logged off one day then all of a sudden I saw I was on her ignored list and I know I didn't do anything and this has happened once before and it was an accident then and I know it's an accident know but since I'm on her ignored list I can't send her a freind request or trades or gift's or even pm her and I would like this problem to be solved. So can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?
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Ok, thanks to everyone for showing up today! We got to a bunch of questions, but apologize if we didn't get to yours.

Hopefully you'll join us next week (although the date/time TBD since Monday is a company holiday).

Have a good one!
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Angelic Dolli
Will you guys ever invent a ring that gives you ALOT of stamina?
Will you guys change the homepage soon?
Will you guys ever add a 2nd edition floor to gaia houses?

We talked about adding a second floor to houses during the upgrade last fall. It is possible we may revisit it, but not for awhile.
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Angel Spirit Girl
For Towns II will the tree kicking bonus be raised a few gold?

Whoops! I forgot to put in the gold tree!

How much will it give when you kick it?

I really don't know yet.
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For Towns II will the tree kicking bonus be raised a few gold?

Whoops! I forgot to put in the gold tree!
gonk Nooo!

I like kicking trees and shaking bushes emotion_awesome

If I plant it now, it may grow big enough by the time new towns is open.

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