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Well, I'm going to go guys. I don't think I can keep my eyes open another minute. I'll be back again tomorrow! Enjoy your day or have a good night! <3
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Dapper Wench

BUH I'll brb guys... I gotta make something to eat I'm starving.
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[ Sprinkle ]

Oh no, no unpleasantness! /shoes it away from

And thanks, it will once school chills out <: and no problem~

I really love the deer legs * v*
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@ rabodpancakes: I know it is!!! whee
But, I've been busy with school and my gamecube has been taken over by my younger brother, so who knows if I'll get to see my precious chaos. ;w;
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Luna ::
Yeah, I'm not going to think about it.
I didn't think it was something that would bother me, but it did.
So it's worse xD

How much longer are you in school? (Till summer break, I guess?)

I love them too c:
Couldn't afford them; but Sabrina is amazing and lent me hers.
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Hello! How is everyone today?
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[ Sprinkle ]

Good. /locks them in a box and tosses it in the ocean

My classes officially end on Monday, but I have a final on May 7th and then I'm done. Then only one more year and I graduate and take my NCLEX to become a registered nurse~

Oh, what item is it? It's so feminine and pretty <3
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haha so distracted by youtube
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Luna ::
I never want to see that box ever again 8|

Oh! That's awesome; so close! o u o
How long is your break?

Uumm. If you look at my equipped list it's there.
Fay something.
/too lazy to look it up. xD
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Invisible Citizen

Sorry for the late reply. I was hanging my new curtains. :'D

Luna: He eats everything in the house without giving half a rat's posterior if it belongs to someone or not.
I managed to find a box of mac and cheese. So, I'm making that now. //Salvation

You can find the albums here and the webcomic here. And sleep well.

Loven: That sound awesome in so many ways.
I am not. I'm actually trying to get back into school. xD
Silent!!! I transfered from your freeb thread ; u;

Spaz: Hey C':

Checkmate: D'awe. Tell him to back off so you can see yer babies <3333
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Well, well, hello there.
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Invisible Citizen

Rabid: x3 I know, I saw. It's okay.

Hero: Hello there, friend!
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Dapper Wench

Oh lawd these hotdogs were a good choice
T: Hiya there C:

Silent: Yes. I'm a stalker C: <

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