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To stay motivated with art if you have a day job? I miss having classes and commissions to push me to learn and improve. I feel stagnant and I have a difficult time getting in the zone when my one day off each week is taken up by errands and chores. So how do you do it?
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I generally try to set time intentionally aside in which to draw, be it doodling, trades, commissions or otherwise. Maybe you could try the same?
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Dapper Dabbler

m i r a c u l u m
I generally try to set time intentionally aside in which to draw, be it doodling, trades, commissions or otherwise. Maybe you could try the same?
That probably is the best way to do it, eh? Routines are tough to form, but they do help a lot...
Is this a hobby or are you hoping to eventually change jobs? If you're really dedicated, then it's worth finding a job that accommodates you art-wise, if you can't, it's the good old get a routine, always carry a sketchbook and make art a habit. It's not a bad idea to keep taking commissions if they help you do art more regularly, or set yourself some short term goals. 3nodding
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im having that problem right now with my new job. ive hardly drawn or made anything
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I haven't worked for 4 years but when I did, I planned things while I was working then did it when I was off work.
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I don't.
I remain in a constant state unhappiness and joylessness.
Not from sadness, fear, or anger though. Nothing "bad".
Self perpetuating apathy to be more specific with my words.
Then again, my inspiration to draw never did come from a happy place.

My only advice would be to look at sensations and feelings to draw from. If you feel indifferent about drawing or no ideas come to you, draw from that sensation itself.
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I'm in the same rut. :'(

I can't find the will to draw since I'm working full time. I used to draw constantly. I'd hole up in my room and just draw for hours on end. Now, with work being so exhausting everyday, when I get home, I just pass out and sleep. Then I wake up, and go to work and the cycle continues.
I know the feeling. Since I wasn't going to school over the summer, I was working more often. It was hard to motivate myself to draw when I was exhausted from work. I tried setting up times during my off time to draw, but I found it hard to concentrate especially if I had to go to work later that day. I did manage to put in at least a couple of hours drawing each week, but I never felt like it was enough. You really just have to force yourself to draw. Don't let yourself get distracted by the tv or computer or video games, just draw. I know I haven't really practiced what I preach, but that's all there is to it.

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