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Actor, who lives on Kauai, Hawaii... has a loving twin ( Novatone ) great family, is a hopeless otaku... and will forever love the wilderness.

I Rp alot on Gaia, so here is a random character I made:

Kanar Valoruun :
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History of Creation: Kanar Valoruun is a character I made up playing the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and I loved him so much I decided to make a Rp character based off him, the picture reference is of Tyrin from Shining Force 2.
Biography: Kanar was once a hybrid (once you ask? you'll find out later on..) of a dwarven and elven mix. His father was a dwarven warlord who once captured a caravan consisting of elven refugees. Kanar's mother was raped the night of the capture, and then escaped due to a valiant rescue from her kinsmen. Time passed, and she discovered she was with child. Her people were against abortion, so she was forced to bear the burden of raising a b*****d child.
Kanar's childhood was unremarkable, he took after his father in looks though, growing a stubbly beard while he was young, but he inherited his mothers magic prowess. Now some argue that dwarves and elves can't reproduce together, but thats just not true, the reason dwarf/elf hybrids are so rare is because no self-respecting dwarf would ever willingly bed an elf, and likewise for the elves, dwarves just didn't meet their standards, in looks and personality primarily.
Being shunned and ridiculed from a tender age, Kanar grew bitter and his thoughts twisted. Not caring the mark the passage of his years, Kanar really didn't know how old he was when he met Lornlagrom the Seer. The Seer was amazed at Kanar's tenacity and vigor to learn, so he took him under his wing. Kanar learned tomes and tomes of forgotten and forbidden magic, some dating back to the Age of Myst. After years of learning, Kanar argued with his mentor in hopes of aquiring the secret of immortality, only to find out his master wasn't even living as Kanar knew it, Lornlagrom was a lichlord. Horrified at his master's secret, he fled.
The Seer though, wasn't done with Kanar just yet, he sought him out and tried to destroy him, lest his secret be known to the world. Kanar, through sheer luck, discovered Lornlagrom's primary phylactery that enabled his lichdom. Destroying it, Lornlagrom was no more, and Kanar was privy to his secret vaults of knowledge and power, hidden away at the Seer's keep. Years of traveling and treasure seeking, led Kanar to some ancient ruins and, after months of research, discovered a forgotten pathway to a lost Plane Gate. Kanar had never felt he belonged on the Material Plane, so he devised a spell to tranform his body into a suitable form for living in another plane. A plus, was that creatures from other planes lived seemingly endless lives. Research and years later, he was ready for the final stages of the transformation. He had chosen Eternal Waters as his choice of plane because he had affinity to water, and that plane was in his reasoning, the least dangerous. For life in Eternal Waters, he chose a spirit form to suit his new needs, a fifteen foot mollusk known as the octopus.
Preparations were complete, and he was ready. He invoked the ancient spell and tranformed his carbon based body to become incorporeal. He now was free to roam the vast expanse known as Eternal Waters. Kanar liked his newfound freedom and enjoyed the easy and carefree life as a citizen of Eternal Waters. It wasn't meant to be though.
A Necromancer Lord of considerable might, Forcystus the Undying, discovered Kanar's spirit and summoned him back to the Material Plane, now he was an unwilling servant to the unholy cause of necromancers. Being held in thrall wasn't so bad, he found he enjoyed being back on the Material Plane, and when he had finished an errand or duty, he was allowed to rest back in his adopted home of Eternal Waters.
Such is how Kanar is presently, though for the time being, he is a chef at Dark Spell Manor. Forcystus had him investigate the death of a fellow thrall, and Kanar decided to stay awhile at the manor. Forcystus only put Kanar to the task for a show of might and superiority, Forcystus had a million more important things to worry about than a minor summon. So that is how Kanar came to stay and serve at the reputable manor Dark Spell, owned by a madman named Ynar. Of course, Kanar didn't consider Ynar a madman, rather, he admired him.
Weapons/Items of worthy mention:A staff of minor enchantment that unleashes lightning. A ring of matter transfer. Extra-dimensional hat. A khukuri knife that Kanar fancies.

Samurai Champloo : Battlecry

Final Fantasy: Adent Children --- Apocalyptica - Quutamo


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L y k e 0 m g Report | 12/23/2009 12:07 pm
Thank you! You deserve a lot of good things too. =]
L y k e 0 m g Report | 12/23/2009 12:03 pm
Hi. I'm doing good and you? Merry Xmas to you too!
RamonaLovesScottPilgrim Report | 11/23/2009 9:40 pm
Ahh, yes, mine too. Definitely.
RamonaLovesScottPilgrim Report | 11/23/2009 9:18 pm
Indeed. Pasta sounds good, actually. All I have is ramen noodles though. Good enough, lol. xD
RamonaLovesScottPilgrim Report | 11/23/2009 8:20 pm
Ha, yes. And thank you for that. (: ..I do certainly hope so. I wish he would talk to me though. Just a hello would be nice. Hm.. Well nothing really. Just hang out around the house and such. The usual. Yourself?
RamonaLovesScottPilgrim Report | 11/23/2009 8:08 pm
Haha, awesome. (: ..It's fine here I guess. My boyfriend has been ignoring me all day, which makes me sad.. I guess he's 'busy' with school work. Whatever. Anyways, sorry that my IM is weird.. It froze my computer. ):
RamonaLovesScottPilgrim Report | 11/23/2009 7:56 pm
Meh, it was decent. Yours? And yes, I did finally go to sleep, haha.
L y k e 0 m g Report | 11/22/2009 9:53 pm
Naw, another city. Thanks! You too. n_n
L y k e 0 m g Report | 11/22/2009 9:37 pm
That sounds nice! My day has been good, just fishing and packed because I'm leaving tomorrow for Illinois.
L y k e 0 m g Report | 11/22/2009 8:56 pm
lolz, Aww. How was the shopping like?


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