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Ello Jello! Mah name is Tasia, but i have other names like Tasia-Tasha, Osh Tosh, and Emo Candy Cane (thanks to crimson for that one, roffle). As long as it isn't insulting, I really couldn't care less what you call me. I love music, energy drinks, anime, final fantasy, kingdom hearts, art, animals, music again, dragons, emo guys that make out, and lots of other random things. Yes, I do think guys kissing is sexy, but more than that, I think everyone should be able to love anyone else, as long as they're both happy, regardless of who has what sex organs or whatever the heck it is people spaz about.

I love animals, and I think that if you can hear about or see a wolf puppy, or a tiger, or a polar bear be killed by humans' stupidity and ignorance, and honestly not care, that you are a sad ******** up person, and I pity you. I'm wiccan, which yes, is pagan, but no, is not devilworship or anti-christianity. I only believe in a mother goddes and a father god instead of being sexist and only choosing one, and I believe in earth, spiritualism, magick, and the ability we all have to better the lives of ourselves and others by becoming in tune with these things.

But enough about all that stuff that people only like to argue about. I'm opinionated, but I can be just as fun as any other teenager in love with randomness, music, friends, and having fun with all of the above.

Some random things about me:
1. I love spongebob. But fosters home for imaginary friends kicks any other cartoons butt, and i'll stick to that no matter what you say.

2. anime=love
emo guys and emo style = even more love
music= ******** life <3

3. I love sushi. Seriously, if you have sushi, mochi, or ramune, you can get me to do just about anything.

4. everything said in 3, also applies to energy drinks.

5. I love my friends even more than any of those things and would do anything for them.

6. Vampires are the best. Srsly. Sexiest and most awesome things alive (or dead.. i guess XD). As long as they aren't/dont turn into fugly zombie deformio vampires like in buffy the vampire slayer.

7. this number goes to tara, because i luvs her and its her favorite (well, after 27 and a few others, but my list isnt that long, lawl).

8. Anyone who cared to actually read this, kudos and a hug to you <3


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xXtarasaurusXx Report | 07/12/2008 6:33 pm
rheabobia4 Report | 04/22/2008 8:08 pm
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shoegurl12 Report | 12/23/2007 8:19 pm
booooo im bored have a grand x-mas!!!!!!!!!
rheabobia4 Report | 12/07/2007 4:49 pm
mrs. mort.........gone............




rheabobia4 Report | 11/15/2007 6:29 pm
take me to mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol.
rheabobia4 Report | 10/21/2007 1:14 pm

lol, so whts up?
rheabobia4 Report | 10/15/2007 7:15 pm
i was reading your profile...and do you read anime?? if you do, you should read vampire knight!! it is soooo good!! i have been waiting for its sequal since like the begining of summer!!(i am getting it from the library!)
rheabobia4 Report | 10/15/2007 6:23 pm
i see the picture you drew !!!! thats soo cool that you can do that!!!! ive always wondered how they can make pics look so clean!!!!

is the green looking bunny you monthly collectible you got????


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