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About me!

/b]Im not Enzo,
i dont own enzo, not at first.
i admit i've done a terrible thing on using a fake identity.
Enzo, the person that you call enzo is just a mare tool for research purposes.
THat research was finished long ago, months ago, the groups were composed of 4 persons, 1 guy and 3 girls. we have shifts to accomplish our data. I cant tell you their names coz i don't want them to be a part of this anymore. our research is about "can people fall inlove online?" yep that was the research, we divided our time for the group A as for to hunt guys, and B to hunt girls. i cant give you the result bcus thats an official study.

One Avi, 4 persons, thats the reason why enzo has that personallity disorder. Yeah know the first, sweet, then becomes brotherly, then mr green... thats why sometimes i can't answer things easily, im checking enzo's background first before saying anything.
we also indicate to wat kind of person does usually girls tend to fall inlove.
A clown? a hero type? a buddy of all type? green type? jock type?

I made the biggest mistake in my life, our last victim. since the only guy among us really fell for a girl here also in gaia, he quit on helping us, so i did his job, but i guess i lowered my guard. I gave her my number and anything. I even called to one of our friends...

i well kinda got to know more about Jesmi, the things about her, like we have the opposite life, that she's a real pessimist and im not, issues about her life, school, family or love ones. Because of her, i began doubting my own gender. but fortunately, i know that im still acting on my own gender.

supposedly, we were to stop this project because we got what we needed. But i just dont want to leave her alone, i was planning to tell her everything in the future. She's the reason why I took enzo and pretended.

Maybe Enzo really loved her and valued her until now. But im cutting all of my connections with her. If we were to talk, i wont be the nice person that she met.

I was wrong to make her like me, an optimist, to make her think that she's lucky and to make her realize that life has a value. But hehe, i failed.

when she finally know my real self, i planned to get out of her life but she stopped me, i dunno why but i guess for revenge. This is her revenge. Hehe, but i suddenly remember someone, its josey, the person that enzo considers as a sister. I simply cant vanish without telling her the truth, im not that kind of person, hehe i guess Jesmi did my job. this is my explanation.

If ur wondering who is the person that u met then I will Tell you.

For Cassy, she met one of the two girls
For Max, its the Guy
For Cris, its the same with cassy, but after a while i was the one who always talk to her.
For Tashera and Kayla, it was the other girl.
For Josey, it was me.
For Jesmi, it was the guy

For those people who met ztilbme recently, it was me that you've met.
My name is not Enzo, nor Arthur Lorenz, im not 16, im not Male.
IM Enang, Enz, Ena, Lorenz, u choose, but most people call me Enang. My Name is Lorena Espiritu. Im a nursing student, 18 years old, born on the 7th of july, a female. Whatelse do u want? i have 2 male exes, yes i've been into relationship with guys. Im not infavor in guy-guy and girl-girl. Its really not im my philosophy but i learned to accept that there are other people beside me and they have reasons to what ever they do. Pretending has widen my own world. Im sorry for pretending, but the person that u talk to is still me, i maybe lied, but only at the age gender and name, but nothing more.

Im sorry, im sorry, screw me, curse me, its ok, its my fault. im sorry.

To all, im very sorry, kayla im sorry because i even turned u down, hehe that was me, the time that u confessed, u were talking to me that time. Sorry coz i cant be enzo ur brother anymore.

Tashera, nice obama won, sorry lil fella.

To Josey, Im sorry coz u were the last person to know, i wanted to tell you but cant find the real courage. Im sorry, Im not honest, and the coolest buddy. Im a total poser, the poser that u hate. Im sorry. Im sorry I cant be the nosey butt anymore, and yeah i missed mr socks too. Im the one that gives advices, i dont hate kevin, the one that hates kevin is my other member. Im Mr.Green, Mr.Advicer, and Mr Buddy of all. Sorry but also, im Mr. Poser. i cant be ur brother that u share stories with.

Are you happy now? eh? JEsMILYn? are you happy? you won! laugh, laugh ur heart out! i lost, is this the end of your so-called revenge? Remember this, i dont care to watever you do. Im Not Nice, remember that! i have aces to put you down but i rather not to use it because it is my fault that ur mad at me. And Dont even make me, coz i wont, im sorry. thats all, i know ur a stubborn butt but its ok, "live ur life to the fullest" thats waht u always say so go on and u do that too. Coz, i care less.

I've learned that its easy to come in ones life but difficult to exit. And that all people are not the same. And saying Sorry manytimes.

"I Am Me, Don't Like? I Dont Care." Im Sorry, I guess this will be the farewell.

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FroM mY cOconUt heAd

This journal is about things that i think, it maybe a poem, a lyric of a song whish is originally composed by me or the things that happened to me this day.


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i love u so Report | 01/23/2011 10:05 pm
i love u so
*cracks knuckles* i really do hope that person that you met is treating you well >(
i love u so Report | 01/23/2011 10:03 pm
i love u so
*doesnt give up on waiting for you*
im still here no matter what!
even if it takes me millions of years!!!!!!!! scream
i miss you so damn much!!
i love u so Report | 09/12/2010 8:55 pm
i love u so
hey talk to me i miss you sad send me a message or comment or call if you want 909 749 0818
i love u so Report | 06/22/2010 11:18 am
i love u so
love i miss you!!!!
when are you going to get back on!!!? DX
i love u so Report | 08/04/2009 5:48 pm
i love u so
like i said...
why would i be mad at you??
i mean i had to give you props for that lol...
i would've done the same thning xD
but dont worry
screw the haters cause haters make you famouse biggrin lol
and im VERY glad that i met you cause if you werent there to help me out with the kevin problem...then i wouldnt know what to do...
maybe i wouldnt have been here by now... sad
you mean alot to me and i mean that biggrin
i love u so Report | 08/04/2009 5:41 pm
i love u so
well this time i hope hes the one for me....
hahahaha i wish i was pretty...
guys should burn and die...
i wish i had a comp so i can talk like old times...
i love u so Report | 08/04/2009 5:38 pm
i love u so
hahaha im in a relationship too but we dont have problems....yet...
but like we hardly see each other cause theres something stopping us from seeing each other...
but dont let problems in!!
just keep going forward...
adnd dont have those kind of "nothing" fights...
why do you guys fight over or have "troubles" on...??
man i miss those days...
but i dont have a comp anymore sad
i love u so Report | 08/04/2009 5:31 pm
i love u so
hahaha i dont know if i changed...did i??
i dont know...
hahaha lazy lol
what a weenie ;3
well i still have i love u so...
i wontt give up on her xD
well anyways what are you doing to do with this avi??
are you going to trade the items from the new avi??
i love u so Report | 07/26/2009 4:58 pm
i love u so
well jacob is an ex now...well been an ex since march...
now im with another guy...
his name ish ray :3
meh loves him alot xD
i love u so Report | 07/26/2009 4:57 pm
i love u so
my bad *ahem*
well i hope you have fun and not die in the sun xD
hahaha drink lots of water :3
haha its hot out here o.o