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Thank you so much for donating, minna-san!

Mhmm Cheeseburger for the White Flow Dress (a wishlist item)
Mistypaw for Lex's Dark Gloves (a dream avi item!)
mystic_crow97 for 1k pure to help my quest ^^
Losaru Taiyo for 300g to help my quest ^^
Anonymous benefactors for Green Paper Crown and Aquarium Jellyfish ^^

Thank you to Macroz Fallingstar for the Black Heartstring! (a currently questing, multiple dream avi item!) biggrin

And a gigantic thank you to Ashleyjorden for the Tropical Sarong (a dream avi and a wishlist item!), Pink Rose Wristlet Corsage (a dream avi item), Laurels (a dream avi item), Blue with White Trim Speedies Top (a wishlist item), Blue with White Trim Speedies Bottom, Yellow Polka Dotted Inner Tube, White Cobweb Long Gloves (a dream avi item), White Rose Wristlet Corsage (a dream avi item), Gold Tiara With Emerald (a dream avi item), Apple Butterfly Terrycloth Tube-Top (a dream avi item), Winter Green Snow Sweater (a wishlist item), Aqua Lace-up Cork Sandals (a dream avi item), Lovely Genie Teal Belly Gem (a dream avi), Baby Blue Shampoo (another dream avi item), Gold Metallic Speedies Top (a dream avi item), Gold Metallic Speedies Bottom (dream avi item), Buddhist Monk's Rosary White (a currently questing, multiple dream avi, current dream avi, and long-time wishie item! Thank you!), Alice's Azure Dress (a wishlist and dream avi item!), Sky Sparkle Empire Dress (a dream avi and wishlist item), Wintery Hot Cocoa (a wishlist item), Let it Snow (a major quest item! I've been questing all year!), Pearl Earrings (prom avi item), Aqua Ruffled Ribbon Tie Top (Christmas avi item), and Elven Ears Tone F (a wishlist item). Thanks Ashley! You're awesome!

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QueerxCore Report | 02/16/2013 11:40 am
thank you for the valentine
ashleyjordan Report | 02/06/2013 12:58 pm
Hello Zoey! I saw that you had come back on...I hope it's for awhile now. It'd be great to catch up with you, so much has changed smile As always, wishing you the best heart
haunty Report | 01/16/2013 3:31 pm
(( You're welcome!
And yay, fellow Zelda fan~ <3 ))
ashleyjordan Report | 02/09/2011 11:33 am
Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you enjoy this celebration of love and appreciation and I wish you the best heart

In addition, if you could possibly vote for my Valentine-themed Avatar Contest Entry, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you so much 3nodding
Lone Goodbye Report | 09/25/2010 8:37 pm
Lone Goodbye
Don't be depressed! T.T
Ravyn457 Report | 09/03/2010 6:51 pm
Hey, I'm in the arena again this week, vote for me please? http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/gaia/cosplay-avatar/vote/?entry_id=102300343
ashleyjordan Report | 06/15/2010 8:50 pm
Oh cool new avatar! What sort of skin do you have? It looks somewhat blue, the whole water theme is nice and ready for summer wink
ashleyjordan Report | 06/13/2010 1:54 pm
Oh I get it now! Yeah totally, take your time!
And thanks for explaining the aquarium stuff, that makes since...it earns you and the owner more money cus its a good aquarium smile
ashleyjordan Report | 06/13/2010 1:23 pm
Booty Grab's actually worth playing? Hahah I didn't think it gave out much money...I should try it some time then smile Thanks, it was fun and I'm glad it went well, I've heard some people have disasters at prom sad

Get something off the drawng boards...meaning starting a shop off the drawing boards or finding a picture off the boards? Hahah I'm so sorry that I don't understand what you're talking about
ashleyjordan Report | 06/13/2010 1:01 pm
Oh and I just read your updated profile-oh how sad that your wishlist items used to only be 14k and now they are like super expensive! I also read that you're still planning on making an art shop...if you ever need help or want a guest/co artist, I'd love to help you out! I'm still not that great at drawing but I'm getting better, I've got a whole lot more new pictures on my art site- http://ashleyjordan.deviantart.com/
You should check them out wink I'll be trying to draw more during the summer, for fun, to improve my art and to earn gold, which seems like the same for you, right? Best of luck!

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Buy some art and help me out? heart
Check out my profile or PM me for details.

Current Quest Avi

Aw man...school starts up again soon. >.>

In commemoration, here's a super happy fun avatar to celebrate!
This is a redesign of an avatar I had made waaaay back in the day; unfortunately, white body dye has skyrocketed in price since then. Fortunately, other items have taken its place, to some extent. biggrin There's a few expensive items here, but they are some I really like, so they'll be showing up again. Yay, conservation. Once this is done, though, no promises on when I'll be back. This semester's going to be a killer... DX

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After Exclusions: 624,500 Gold
Item List:
Sky Self Portrait
Weeping Wanderer
Jersey Devil
Elemental Wings

Blurb About Me

Hello! Welcome, too. ^^
Well, I like writing, especially poetry, music, art, especially fantasy, and I absolutely love to collect things. Actually, there are a lot of things I like. Too many things to list here right now...(I'd talk your ear off.)

I am currently preoccupied with college. While I'll try to be slightly more alive (literally) during the summer, I'm still going to be busy, so if it looks like I don't exist...that's probably pretty accurate according to most of the outside world. But I won't be dead. Hopefully.

O_o I haven't updated this section in...forever, it feels. sweatdrop Well, here's another bit. My favorite color is blue (it runs the gamut from the greeny Wave Tiara to an almost purple), but I like to keep my gaia wardrobe varied. Try, that is. I always end up buying blue. ^^;; Also, I'm always questing. I earn gold so slowly (trying to remedy that with art...), I start early so I can get enough for an avi before the actual event (like Halloween, Christmas). And you know what? I think this year I might actually make it! blaugh <- Haha, yeah right. This was written back when Elemental Hair was 14k and Pixies were 40k. -_- I feel old...

On that note, I'm currently selling cute headshots as seen below. Each pic is 1k, and I try to get them done within 30 minutes of my receiving the order (sometimes, life gets in the way. ^^) But to get one, just pm me and offer a trade. ^^ I both do avatars and OCs.
I'd like to experiment drawing furries as well, if anyone cares.

Art Examples

I am apparently incapable of keeping links up-to-date.

I also suck at actually defining my art style, since it's kind of "whatever you want", where it's randomly better or worse depending on what I'm drawing. I keep saying that I'm going to put together a definitive list of art samples, but given how well *that* project went, here's a link to my devart.

Anyways, I tend to draw females, but I can draw guys as well. Chibis are definitely the fastest arts I do. Super clean lineart is hard and takes forever, but I'm willing to do it if bribed (and if I have time).
I guess I generally prefer to draw chibis and/or quick sketches, but whatever.

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(my current quest avi is more accurate, anyways)

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If you donate to any of my friends and let me know, you will get free art. domokun

This list is for the quests of my friend Ashley.
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Magically Entropic's list will go here once I figure out what it is.

Past Avis

A little section for special avvies of mine.

[Winter-Jan. 2013]
[Summer 2009]
[Winter 2008]
[Christmas 2008]

I don't have the Death Whisper, but this avi is done to me.
[Halloween 2008]

[Fall/Back to School 2008]
[Prom/Gaian Ball 2008]

Still cleaning. ^^;;

School started! DX I won't be on forever and ever, but I'll be on.