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The Lingering Darkness by zombiekiller3894

(look back for updates)


The young man stepped outside as the rain came down, flipped up his hood and continued down the street. He passed the usual spots on his route, the coffee shop owned by his father’s friend Tom Barker and his wife Marry, the record store owned in part by his friend Tyler Billworth, and the bike shop where he had worked in the summer till the last owner went insane and they had to close shop, it now sits in ruin. He turned the corner and ran into a wall of a man who the town only knew him as “The Basher”. He was a very large man dressed in all black, with a face that only a mother could love. He was considered the strongest man in town; no one got even ten feet near him.

“Sorry . . .” said the young man quietly.

“You better be, you’re lucky I have a place I need to be other wise I’d pound your face in!”

He shoved the young man out of the way and like that he was gone. So the young man went on his way again, passing the park were the merry kid once played, but ever since that day . . . it’s been empty. He made it to the hell on earth that was his school.

He smirked as he looked at his watch “ Huh, late again . . .”

He entered the school and before he could even get both feet in the door, someone yelled “HEY!!! TAKE OFF THE HOOD!!!”

It was principle Cutmen, a short, balding man who was so up tight if you shoved a piece of coal in his a** he’d carp out a diamond. So he did as to not cause a fuss.

“Yes Mr. c**t-men”, he said as he dropped his hood and reviled his face, which no one saw much of any more; his long red hair was in his face and covered dark brown eyes. Girls thought he was cute but the way he dressed kept them away and him away from more pain. He wore black Chuck Taylors, tattered blue jeans, and the same dark gray hoodie he wore year round. He always didn’t look like this, not since that day . . .

“What did you say just say?!?!” Mr. Cutmen jarred him from the darkness.

He smirked again “I said ‘Yes Mr. Cutmen” and walked down the hall to his third period class. He had missed History and English, but came just in time for Spanish.

“Llega tarde, Tiene un pase?”

He didn’t answer and took his seat in the back of the room. He flipped up his hood once more and fell asleep as he normally does, but this time the memories of that day haunted them.


It was five year earlier, it was a normal summer day in the town of Blackwater, the sun was shining, and kids were at play. He awoke to his name from the outside world.

“Jimmy . . . JIMMY!!!!!!” it was his friends bobby and will who he had known since he was three.

Jimmy got up, rubbed the crusts from his eyes and came to the window “I’ll be right down!!!” he screamed to the small town.

He raced down the stairs has he put on his shirt, he got to the door when his mother yelled “Hey while you’re gone take the pills to Mr. Compton at the bike shop” his parent were doctors, so they had him run prescriptions to the patients from time to time.

“ Okay mom” he yelled back as he shoved the bottle of pills into his old travel bag that he grabbed as he left. The bag went with him wherever he did; filled with different stuff depending on the time of year and the occasion, as of today it held a deck of pokémon cards, a bag of candy, and a cell phone for emergencies.

“Jimmy!!!” both boys screamed as he opened the door.

“Hey guys, we gotta head to the bike shop before we head to the usual spot.” the usual spot was a clearing deep in the outlining woods of town, which they’ve been going to since they were eight.

“Hey” said will “can we head there first I need to pick something up there to give to Mr. Compton”

“Alright, lets get going” then the three boys headed to the woods.


Jimmy jumped at the sudden sound of his name

“Ha tenido una buena siesta? Ir a su decano!”

Jimmy gathered his things, rubbed the crust from his eyes and went to his dean.


He left to the hall, and saw Will at his locker. They locked eyes, shooting daggers at each other as they passed. How did we end up this way? Why??? He thought. We were inseparable . . . us and . . . He shuddered at the thought of bobby. He continued down the hall and made to the deans office.

“Oh ******** no . . .” It was The Basher sitting in three of the four seats in the room.

“Heya chicken s**t! Come have a sit next to me.” He said pointing to the only chair not under his own a**.

“Leave him alone Rick!” Screamed someone from the other room.

It was Ashley, the only girl that didn’t stay away from Jimmy. “Other wise I’ll make sure u get double what you’re here for!” She was a tall, blonde, slender young woman that didn’t take crap from anyone.

“So what you here for <3”

“Fell asleep in Spanish . . . again” Jimmy said as he scratched his head and laughed

“Resting up for your a** kicking I see” said Rick <******** off Rick, one more word out of you and I”LL fill out your 5 Saturdays detentions myself and give them to your dean!!!”

Jimmy started to laugh but that was short lived. Ashley was glaring at him “And you! You gotta stop this Jim!”

“What does it matter . . . I’m out of here”

“Jim! . . . JIMMY!!!” <******** p***y.” Rick mumbled


He ignored them as he walked down the hall to the exit. Principle Cutmen saw him as he walked out the door.

“Where do you think your going?!?!”

He didn’t answer, just flipped him off as he went home.


He walked back, getting some black coffee, when he did he was greeted with a false welcome and a cold smile. He passed the park and saw children at play but, there parents came rushing in and taking them home. He made it home, to find his father still passed out on the floor, drunk. His father hasn’t been the same sense his mother died a couple of years ago of cancer. That drove him to drink, which cost him his job, sense then the house has been in disrepair. He headed up stairs to his room, opened the door, and tripped.

“What the . . .” he looked behind him to find that he had tripped on an old shoe box. He opened it up to find it filled with old photos and thing from his childhood. He started to look through it, he found pitchers of him, Will, Bobby, and his younger brother, Matt. Matt had gone missing 11 years ago, they never found him. He got to thinking about the day Matt went missing. . .

“Hurry up Jimmy!!!” Screamed Matt from downstairs “We got to get going!!!”

“Alright, jeez.” He yelled back

He came rumbling down the stairs “Keep an eye on your brother, I don’t need him to end up like the other children.” Said his mother. Children have been found raped and killed in the nearby forest over the past couple of summers.

“Okay mom” Jimmy yelled back.

So they headed out him, Matt, Bobby, and Will, down to the usual spot. When they got there, things seemed out of place, as if a great darkness had moved into the area.

“Hey, what’s that over there” Will pointed deep into the forest

“Matt” Matt stood at attention “I want you to stay here while we go to see what it is”


They left to see what Will saw, they didn’t find anything.

“I’m telling you I saw something other here”

“Come on let’s get back to Matt.” said Jimmy “My mom will kill me if we left him too long.”

But when they got back “Oh no. . .” nothing was left but a lone shoe.


“Oh no. . .” Jimmy knew that sound too well, it was the sound of a gun.


Jimmy rushed down the stairs, Good god not again, not again. He thought as he jumped the last few steps. He came to the door way, his father was standing there, gun in hand, still a little drunk from the night before.

“Damn, only grazed him.” His father said as he took a swig of the beer he found on the table.

“What happened here?” Jimmy screamed as he ripped the gun from his father’s hand

“Man broke in the door” he said pointing to the door hanging from a hinge “and started to head up stairs so I tried to shoot him, but I only grazed him.”

“you can’t just shoot at everyone that walks in the door.”




Jimmy fell to the floor, as his father began to beat his face in. Jimmy tried to get him off but the blows made him weak. He found the gun near his head pointed it in his father’s direction. . . and fired.


While he had the chance, he made a run for it, blood dripping from his face. He didn’t know where to go but he knew he had to get the hell out of there. Then it hit him, Tyler! I can go to him, he always has my back. So he headed the record shop. To the only place that would take him in.

“Tyler!!!” he screamed as he staggered to the door of the store “TYLER!!!”

“What, what, what the hell do you. . .” He grew silent as he looked at Jimmy “Oh my god . . . what . . . what the hell happened.”

“You know my father . . . he was drunk . . . I spoke back . . . got my a** kicked.” He said trying to laugh it off.

“Come in . . . Come in and get some ice on the eye . . . and some T.P. for that nose.”

So they entered the record store to tend to the beaten Jimmy.


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Shazno Report | 08/15/2011 10:54 am
all geared up for killing zombies cool
Shina Prye Report | 12/19/2010 6:32 pm
Shina Prye
Thanks for the purchase!
Shazno Report | 07/05/2010 1:08 pm
anyti-*baby flies out it's crib and bite him* ahh, it's got me, save urself!
Shazno Report | 07/01/2010 2:33 pm
XD watch out for cribs, those babies jump right out and go straight for the face
Shazno Report | 06/29/2010 1:48 pm
bcuz all cute things are decieving! :O *sees baby pickles cracking their knuckles with a smug face* O_O; oh boy...
Shazno Report | 06/28/2010 1:50 pm
OMG! PROTECT ME BUD! that bunny wants to fight me stare i could swear i heard it say "put up ur dukes, punk!" o_o
Shazno Report | 06/26/2010 8:21 am
sorry, i was uh...dreaming of of baby rabbits eating a bowl full of carrots! ...yea! sweatdrop
Shazno Report | 06/25/2010 2:19 pm
*lost in his own pervy thoughts* heart _ heart
Shazno Report | 06/23/2010 1:23 pm
next time u see something shiny, throw mud on it! XD unless it's a shiny oiled up girl *drools* i mean uh...throw oil on the shiny things, no mud, no ahhh!!! @_@
Shazno Report | 06/22/2010 2:14 pm
lol keep ur monney in ur pockets until u get g blade XD


welcome, bid and buy as u please . . . just don't take all day plz


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