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Birthday: 07/11

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I'm 20 years old;I live in Florida;I enjoy reading and watching movies;I love vampires and zombies;I have an amazing boyfriend and I love him with all my heart and soul, he's the best thing that has ever happened to me ♥; I hate peanut butter; I'm TERRIFIED of dolls and clowns; And I'm a Twilight Nerd :]

As of right now,my obsession is ZOMBIESSSSS. emotion_zombie The Walking Dead and any zombie movies are my latest craze. Of course,everyone I know says if I were in a real zombie apocalypse,I would be the first to get eaten....because I would want a picture for facebook. xDD Haha.

If there's anything else you wish to know about me,just let me know. I've been a Gaian once before,but I forgot my password a long time ago. So,I thought maybe I should make a brand new account and start fresh and new. I'll miss all the friends I once had on here,but it gives me oppertunities to make new ones. [:

So don't be afraid. I won't bite. I promise. ^.^

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Forever Apocalyptic. (A story)

Follow the story of Ember Knight,a typical 19 year old young woman going through death,pain and heartache as the zombie apocalypse arises,forcing her to face reality and do anything in her power to survive.

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Junipermoon7 Report | 07/12/2012 10:58 am
Happy Belated Birthday.... mine was yesterday too!
The Black rock lee Report | 07/11/2012 2:34 pm
The Black rock lee
O.o, idk its just funny, imagining a zombie angel makes me laugh XD
Nirati Report | 07/11/2012 8:46 am
Happy birthday blaugh ! May all your birthday wishes come true heart
The Black rock lee Report | 07/11/2012 7:11 am
The Black rock lee
ROFL funny a** username
BleedingInTheSnowConeX3 Report | 07/03/2012 10:32 am
sweatdrop sure thing wink
Nirati Report | 06/25/2012 9:48 pm
I am kind of looking forward to the franchise ending when the movie is released >_<
Nirati Report | 06/25/2012 9:10 pm
I actually outgrew it years ago lol . I don't like it anymore sad
Nirati Report | 06/25/2012 9:02 pm
Ahh I see. So no more Twilight then razz ?
Nirati Report | 06/25/2012 8:46 pm
Lol Thank you then. The last one I had, I had it for over 200 days gonk
Nirati Report | 06/25/2012 8:27 pm
Whyy though gonk ? It's so simplish confused

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