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I am Dis.
Im not much of what I was.
But im still here.
And im here just for you.

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In memory of the original 1010, founded 2005, apon near-creation of town's.
The Birth of Dis, [. Disturbed .], and all the friend's he found.
[Thank's Ranye, for digging this back up. xD]

Question: Am I right?

No, you are not right.

The very essence of this question is that you are asking whether or not you are right. The answer is a blindingly obvious NO. No one is right; the whole world is gone astray without answers to what is truly right and what is definitely wrong. If you were "right" you wouldn't have to ask. A shadow of doubt is cast on a heart that is in the wrong morally, spiritually, mentally, or entirely.

People are not right by nature; we are born wrong, thus the first word we usually learn is "No" in defiance to established authority (the more inclined to know what's right). Laws prove we need guidance and help to learn what is considered "right." The word "righteousness" is coined for this idea, and no one is righteous by nature, it must be found. (But that's another question)

PHYSICALLY - If you're not healthy, it may or may not be your fault; your body usually lets you know if something is wrong, or a doctor, so if you're right physically, you're probably in good shape.

MENTALLY - If you're not right in the head, get help. If you seek virtue over thinking wrong thoughts, you're going the right direction. Some people believe you can think whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, and they're wrong--you are driven by your most dominant thought, so be careful what you choose to think about.

EMOTIONALLY - Stability is key; don't think you're right by harboring negative or harmful emotions such as bitterness, anger, regret, hatred, discontentment, or excessive worry. Empathy is a good indicator that you're okay emotioanlly.

SPIRITUALLY - No, you're not right. Look around! There are hundreds of thousands of beliefs and no two are exactly alike. This kind of division of governing values shows that humanity is spiritually lost. If you think you know the answers spiritually, you're probably wrong. Even if you know the "Truth" you still can't restore yourself spiritually into a state of "rightness" or "righteousness" without some kind of intervention. Think about it, humankind is lost and for the most part, essentially wrong or easily misled.

LEGALLY - The evidence is clear that you are not right. If you kill someone, you are deemed a murderer for life, right? So, have you ever lied? Even once? You are a liar. Have you ever stolen? Even something small just once? You are a thief; Jesus once said that if you even so as much as lust after someone, you are an adulterer at heart! Have you ever lusted? Also, if you have used the name of God in vain, you are a blasphemer; this is based on the Ten Commandments, yes, a good guidline to reflect what "Law" may state for humans. If you're honest, then by your own admission you are a lying, thief, and an adulterer at heart -- (not to mention blasphemy) and in that case, you need to be made right according to that law. (These laws may not be accepted by all, but they show the essence of our propensity for doing wrong) If you aren't right according to that law, apparently you'll pay the price for those crimes with suffering or perhaps hell. Are you right? No one is.

Your never absolutely right unless you can prove you answer.

I Love Ashtyn Brown-Hurley.


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Happy birthday! <3
undead on arrival

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undead on arrival

I just read through your whole "no, you are not right".

And all of my beliefs and sureness in myself were shattered.


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Hay bay bay. <3

we never chat anymore.D;

I miss yooooou.

/cut /cut /cut

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Intimate Strangers

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Intimate Strangers


Ti Amo!!!!!
sip umop apisdn

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sip umop apisdn


Perma-Banned on all my account's. xDDDDDDDDDDDD

There gose all my God damn work for that OMG hat. -.-"

[This is my new account, until I quit.]

Elemental Kyle

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Elemental Kyle

Happy Leap Day. :]
Intimate Strangers

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Intimate Strangers

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You stoled her



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There is no Zombie.
I love ABH.