In no way does this paragraph justify who I really am. I am not going to write sentence
after sentence talking about how glorious I am. I am full of flaws, and imperfections, but somehow, I manage to be really ******** content with my life, I am comfortable enough with myself to accept my flaws, try it someday, you will probably be a lot happier. My moods are unstable. I am probably one of the most kind hearted people you will ever meet, but that often goes unnoticed. I dislike meeting people that have zero individuality and zero personality, strike my interest, do not bore me to death. I am actually a person of very few words, I observe more than I speak. I curse like a sailor, a filthy ******** sailor. I simply was not born with enough middle fingers. I give my honest opinion about anything and everything I am asked, I will not sugar coat anything for you. I am most likely nothing like any other person you have encountered in your entire life, and I take pride in that. I like using words that people question and are unaware of what they mean. I write music, listen to music, and think about the future more than I sleep. I look a lot older than I actually am. I will never, ever talk bad about somebody, if I have something to say I will tell them, not everybody but them. Refrain from calling me things like "baby,boo,babygirl",or anything else that you would call a girl that's just got done guzzling your c**. I am a girl with self-respect, don't be a goddamn pig, it's disrespectful. I do not believe in religion. I love music, all kinds and I am not afraid to admit I like a band, even if you think it makes me lame. I am English. Racist people make me sick. I despise histrionic and two faced people, and the one thing I will not tolerate is drama. I never take anything or anybody for granted. I know what it is like to do without something, and I am not afraid of where I came from, nor will I forget it. I love video games, and horror movie nights with my best friends. I love pokemon, the game, the cards, the shows, and also spongebob, I have seen every episode. Hatemail shows me how ignorant people can be, and completely negates the phrase "do not judge a book by it's cover", get to know me, you might be amazed. 99% of the people that say they hate me have never actually spoken to me. Stop being a p***y, and comment me.
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Baby, dont treat me like your doll

Name// Cat
Location// West London, England
Age// 19
Is// Bi-sexual
School// Drop out for life
Job// cam girl cause being a sex worker is fun
Making Signs
Video Games
Rude/mean people
Lays Chips
Sour Cream
Bad music
Little Kids make me mad


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My Love storys (+18 only)

All of my more explit storys I have written or well write well go right in hear so all of you can enjoy them. AN thes are very explit an if you get offened eaisly do not read then an save your self from my graphic matriles.



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I also over came cancer.
albino mack

Report | 06/15/2012 8:34 am

albino mack

Wow, I saw your signature. Absoultey beautiful. Congratulations on over coming cancer. I didnt notice anything bad until you said it in your signature. Your an inspiration(:
Catalina Rynia

Report | 06/11/2012 10:15 pm

Catalina Rynia

Just thought you should know, I didn't notice a single thing about your eyebrows til you mentioned it below your absolutely gorgeous photo 3nodding

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alyssa wat u doing cute smile :0

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if you have Fragrant Heartbeat and or the Custom Cut (any gen) can I please have it please my friends won't help me get it I just want it so much please let me have it don't like asking for stuff so i'm just trying here please let me ether have Fragrant Heartbeat or Custom Cut cat_sad
Alfredo Martino

Report | 03/03/2012 2:06 pm

Alfredo Martino

Nice profile.
Old Wolfy

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Old Wolfy

Thanks for buying AFK o;
service your maid

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service your maid

please excuse me for saying this randomly, but i love your avatar.
Kookie Kolo

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Kookie Kolo

You're welcome. 4laugh
Kookie Kolo

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Kookie Kolo

You have a lovely profile.