Hello. I am Zombee Luving Freek. Formerly known as Velvet Zombee.

I love zombies. ._.

I like...
-Gore and horror and vampires.
-Energy drinks. Although, I pretty much only drink Monster Import.
-The internet. If I am with a laptop or computer with internet, I will be on it. For hours.
-Video Games. Though, I go through long periods where I don't play.
-Drawing. I'm not good yet, but I'll get there.
-Writing s**t. I have so many stories started and in my head.
-Roleplaying. I'll do it in a forum or even in PMs. So... PM me if you wanna roleplay.
-Anime and manga. Ayup.
-Supervillians. Favorite is the Joker, I think.
-Movies based off of comic books.


Anyway, if you want to know something about me that I haven't said or you just want to say hi, just comment or leave me a PM, I'll love you. (Not really)


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Zombee Luving Freek

I'll try to update just in case anyone cares.

Zombee Luving Freek