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A combat android somehow imbued with artistic sensibility, Zoharial roams the Poetry and Writers' forums with her yeti, Shido (who is suspected to house the soul she gained through illicit dealings with the Thule Society), dealing out swift and vindictive justice to bad poets and general n00bs alike. She has a certain affinity for the BTK hat, or perhaps the serial killer after which it was named; she has been known to sport suspiciously-themed outfits, and was implicated in the Bind, Torture, Kill styled murder of the originator of the phrase, "don't like, don't read."


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Narcotic Ritual

I'm stuffing my current Nightmare on Elm Street fic here as I work on it, so expect the occasional deletion and reposting of entries to maintain their order (keeping the prologue as the first entry and so on).


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The Inevitable Mary Sue Essay.

How to Keep Your Fantasy Story from Sucking

This is the internet. Your age does not matter.

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