10 Things I Love...
-Helping people.
-Pickles. Hamburgers. Pizza. Jalapenos.
-Drumline. (Tenors)
-Friends. How could i forget! =]
-Life. (Most of the time.)

5 Things I Don't Like...
-Dallas Cowboys.
-People that are ignorant.
-"Players." (Wanna bee's) lol.
-Holding on to grudges.


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So,this what happen..i was at the rally.I was having a good o time,when just all of a sudden this girl comes up and saids "can u girls help me i can't show my password,can it show yours?"
And me like an idiot went and tried and it showed my password.
Then i tried leaving n stuff and al of a sudden it said that i needed to be logged in so i go and get logged in.BUT my password changed to something else that i don't know.
SO..i had to go to my e-mail and changed my password!
Next,i went to my gaia with the new password n i only had 13g left!! When i had about 4,000 something!!

I had to be tricked and now im pissed off!!
but thats what i get for being nice,or try to help someone out!
I hate that girl,whoever she was!!! > sad

Don't ever EVER trust people that seem to be noobs or friendly!



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VA? Lol I feel so lame for not knowing what you mean by that. xD

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sorry I just barely got on I already sold that s**t lmao

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sweatdrop Sorry! I uh….don't have enough monies to buy more….

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Thanks for buying ^_^
Sir Alaska

Report | 09/21/2010 1:27 pm

Sir Alaska

happy birthday whee
iiEpicFail - x

Report | 08/03/2010 2:23 pm

iiEpicFail - x

Hey Babygirl !
Long Time No Talk !
Miss You <3

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yes i have moved . . you have to see the house so we can give you a ride to band practice when you need it !
i'll PM you my number.
Pink Floyd - The Trial

Report | 03/18/2010 3:00 pm

Pink Floyd - The Trial

A long time. I have been of for like 4 mouths. I'm happy to see that all my item have significantly increased.
luna quetzal

Report | 01/05/2010 7:51 pm

luna quetzal

haha XD


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Donations would be nice. ;]
I totally understand if thats not possible!
-but maybe you realize how rich you are. & don't need all the extra gold,lol.
-You don't care much for gaia anymore.
-Or you want a new BF on gaia. =] {being friends is totally cool even if you don't donate}
Ello,well thats will be all...