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The Very Dead Diary

Yah, I write stuff VERY rarely but miracles really do happen sometimes.



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found it on tumblr, so awesome 8D
ohyes, please do ;D!

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-rubs ears-
goodgood! im reading some smexy stories and curling in the warmth of my flat.
kinda wish i had hot chocolate.. with wipped cream.. hnnnng!
hows you bby?

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Disir Valkyrie

Report | 12/21/2011 10:35 am

Disir Valkyrie

Ahnnn! -shiver- >//u//>
Nooo! I'm still trying to make one.. I'm just really broke right now for my last item ; -;
Aha! No you aren't ill! > u < -cling-
I dunno.. I think soooo.. I just don't know where to buy it! Mhm! I want it for myself too! > u < A-and then I can fap away to it >//u///>
Ahn! -moans- Mooorrrreee~ @//u//@
S-Should I not wiggle my butt? ; n ;
Disir Valkyrie

Report | 12/20/2011 11:52 am

Disir Valkyrie

Myan! o v o -cuddlecuddle-
I'm doing okaayyy~ Just trying to make a sexy pirate avvi ; u ;' And youuuu~? o vo
I told you!! ; u ;
Its just soooo MNGGHHH~~ it gets me going =//u//=
-wiggles butt- I'm just glad you like it ; u ;
Disir Valkyrie

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Disir Valkyrie

-flies into your lap-
= u =
Disir Valkyrie

Report | 12/16/2011 12:11 pm

Disir Valkyrie

Oh no! A bad cramp! D: -moans- We need to take care of it o;
Ahah! xD I keep coming back to it for some reason D;'' The pairing I cry over is Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia ; - ; '' MHM! Hardcore yaoi! -looks through box- Ahn! Here here! o u o http://www.manga-go.com/r/l_manga/manga/goshujinsama_to_wanko/ All three of those manga, if you haven't read them before, are my favorite! o uo And hardcore goodness! > u < -wiggles butt-
Ohhh! I must see o u o
Disir Valkyrie

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Disir Valkyrie

Noooo @//u///@ -moan-
NYAN! @ u@ -falls over- Helloooo to you who is on top of meee o v o
Nyaha! You don't like Hetalia? o; My friends got me into it.. But yea.. I only cry over one couple! So much that I have a hard time reading them.. And then I go off to read some random hardcore yaoi.. OH OH! I found this realllyy hardcore yaoi with no censors and then and MNGH~ Its so seexxyyy ; u ; Ohh~ ! I have to watch it noooowww! > u<
Disir Valkyrie

Report | 12/15/2011 10:26 am

Disir Valkyrie

@///u///@ -pats butt-
MNGH! PARTYYYYY~~ Unf unf! -humps the air with you-
Ohhhhh! I love that ~ = v= I might have to go check it out once I stop crying like a derp over Hetalia yaoi ; u ;
Disir Valkyrie

Report | 12/15/2011 9:27 am

Disir Valkyrie

Mhm! o u o ! It looks so sexy~ o; -moans- Nyan! My buutttttt! -holds butt-
They better not! I would be verrryyy sad ;c But yes! Lets celebrate! o u o And we can party and dance and dance and dance!
Ohhh! I have heard of it! I've seen pictures and everything.. Just never seen it.. Is it good? o;