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thats almost what I look like when I'm not losing balance...I'm serious
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Ello. I am completely obsessed with fighting. That's how I wanted to die. With loyalty being a big thing with me, I wanted to die protecting my friends. That's the only way I see fit for myself. I want to be remembered differently than that sickly person who died of cancer.

Other Interests:
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User Image LUFF BMX!

Favorite Places to Shop:

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I has a deviantart! razz

High School Schedule:
i shall find out on wednesday :3

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MUSE-apocalyspe please, butterflies and hurricanes, hysteria, time is running out(so reminds me of twilight), sing for absolution, fury, starlight, map of problematique, knights of cydonia, bliss, muscle museum, newborn, blackout, showbiz, space dementia, citizen erased, dark shines, screenager, in your world, instant messenger, sunburn, unintended, sunburn, hyper music, meglomania, take a bow, invincible, glorious, stockholm syndrome
FERRY CORSTEN-watch out, rock your body, be as one, sweet sorro, fire, holding on, junk, out of the blue, moonlight, the race, everything goes, force of gravity(remix), beautiful
GORILLAZ-clint eastwood, last living souls, oh green world, feel good inc.
SUPER JUNIOR- U, Dont don, Twins(knock out)
LINKIN PARK-papercut(also from new moon soundtrack), crawling, by myslef, breaking the habit, faint remix, numb, somwhere i belong, with you, given up
NO DOUBT- spiderwebs, dont speak
DJ TIESTO-In the Dark, In my memory, power mix
BASSHUNTER- i can walk on water i can fly, dota remix, trance up
FROU FROU- breathe in, hear me out, let go
KAI TRACID- conscious, the dark site, trance and acid, dance for eternity
KEANE- is it any wonder, somewhere only we know, everybodies chaging
ROB DOUGAN- chateau, clubbed to death, clubbed to death 2
MATCHBOX 20- back 2 good, how far we've come, bright lights

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Meh future Avi
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Ha I made me! Always wearing shorts..and always complaining about the cold
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Just messin' with tektek and made:
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Zero Cross(vampire knight) holy crap I could not find items for him @_@
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Not entirely sure what I was trying to do here, but I want to put it in some of my art
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~Profile in progress~
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krazzy girl60

Report | 06/21/2009 5:58 pm

krazzy girl60

really be my freinda ashley

Report | 01/07/2009 4:34 pm


i get bored and go profile hopping and i have a deviantart too. and i think i've talked to you on it. blue-kitsune sounds really familer

Report | 07/29/2008 9:59 pm


User Image User Image User Image Glad you liked the video!! You're the only one to comment on it

Gayable, means?

Report | 07/28/2008 3:58 pm


Angel in Training 3: I luve the soft colors.. and his hoodie User Image (sry looks like a hoodie to me)

contest entry makes me giggle.. idk y lol just does User Image

Happy BDay Squishy is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Report | 07/28/2008 1:35 pm


Lol A was normally too embarressed to try lol

Lol Morbid and I are occasional lovers lol I'm not sure.. Ever since I was really young I've always known I was gonna die either young or old, but how old is young or old idk XD XD I have alot of ways I would like to die.. If I was really sick and was gonna die soon, I would like to die trippin on an AMAZING DRUG like pcp ^_^ Btw, I don't do drugs lol honestly. Also.. I would like to die doing something I love, like swimming, or, like you, dying for something grandeur, like my friends or a complete stranger for that matter. But then again.. being one of those crazy deaths would be fun.. Like I fell off the Statue of Liberty (but it wasn't the fall that killed me; it was the sudden stop XD) But that would be to simple and heartless.. I would also like to die for a cause.. but not war.. perhaps antiwar but not war...

Lol Can't decide.. honestly.. Edward is a VAMPIRE for gods sake ^_^ And they're romance is fatally delicious User Image But Jacob.. -sigh- idk.. I love him dearly.. but I think she should go with Edward cuz if Jacob finds his match... But personally.. EDWARD BABY!!! I love vampires!! And the never dying thing is soooooo a bonus! But the bloodless thing would bother me... gotta say.. How 'bout you?

?? What?

Oh right! Art! -goes there-

Lol I have WAAAAY too many, and I don't really do favorites lol

EX: What's your favorite color?

Report | 07/28/2008 1:07 pm


Lol WOW!!!

Haha DDR... heheh

I admire how you wish to die

!!!!!!!! I'M A TWILIGHT FAN TOO!!!!!!!

Love your icons!! I have a few of the same ones as you lol

Btw, four of them aren't working.

The comic is brilliant lol

You don't rp huh?

Report | 06/25/2008 4:09 pm


The GaaHina guild is dying!!

Report | 06/13/2008 11:10 am


~('.'~) Brainsssssssssssssssssssss
Eldin Reign

Report | 06/02/2008 6:16 am

Eldin Reign

o.0 *pokes the giant monster* teehee hello can i have a samich ^^

Report | 04/28/2008 8:55 am


Hey Chicky. WE NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to hang out some time!!! OMG!!!! IT'S BEEN TO LONG!!!!!! RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! send meh a txt when ya can!


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