I am twenty-one years old and was born in mid-February. In my opinion it is the worst month to attempt to have a birthday in; there is no snow, but neither is it warm and green. You get a slimy mix of water and dirt, which, predictably, makes mud every year. Despite this, I still manage to enjoy a night with friends and family, make a fool of myself, and have a grand time all together.
My realization as a writer:
I would never be satisfied with my life unless I somehow visibly impacted the lives of many, in a positive way. It is strange to know that, even with all the dreams and ambitions I hold close to my heart, that I could never feel accomplished without bettering the world.
I do not always think so in-depth; in fact at times you would wonder where my intelligence seems to have run off to. But there is always a thought of something new, something I play with and tweak and trim and re-examine and throw away and re-form and present to others. I am a writer, I am constantly thinking.
But rather than rambling on, I shall leave you with this snippet, and if you find yourself interested, feel free to stick around.



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Nurse Kytty

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Nurse Kytty

Thanks for your purchase!

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>< Sorry! This happend while i went to sleep and came back now to see three people trying to hack my commenters D:<
I apologize for the whole scare though, Im not trying to hack you all of course. Just accepting your thanks with thanks of my own 3nodding

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Thnx for buying ^^
Snowy Alanna

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Snowy Alanna

Greetings love!
How has college been for you?
Yggdrasil Root

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Yggdrasil Root

Thanks for the purchase~
Broken Blind

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Broken Blind

np. thanks a lot.
it was getting tiring arguing over that.
cya, have a good life
Broken Blind

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Broken Blind

That bit of love to stop the world collapsing around us? I really think that's and exaggeration. Who really know how long it's been around. 50 years? 100 years? 1000? All I know is that at one time in history homosexuals came to life. Before that, society was fine, not collapsing.
And you're wrong, the Bible wasn't written by man. It was written by men who had the voice of God flowing through them.
And I don't stand on the belief that there is only one truth. Christianity is the only religious truth. There are many, many different truths out there, some found, some still uncovered.
And if you won't look at it the way of religion, look at it the way of science. Plain and simple: The organs match.
They don't have the necessary reproductive skills for survival, thus, in some inexplicable way, some molecules joined together to make a protein and all that crap, and for it to create necessary reproductive assets for survival. Kinda crosses itself out, huh?
You gave me something to chew on, let me give you something too.

Man is flawed down to the very asset of their minds. They have flawed throughout history and will never stopped being flawed. They are perverted, disgusting, intelligent, stupid, and every other thing you can think of. People put labels on hyper (ADD, ADHD), and put all these labels on these different conditions, and don't consider homosexuality a condition of the mind? Society is flawed to its very core, and always will be. You say that religions mind may also be tainted, and it is. But it may also be one of the very few things in this world with some purity left in it. Science has attempted to prove it wrong, atheists tear it down, but still it stands. So you know why? I do. It has the absolutely and only true, true love in this universe: God. Science will always try to explain the inexplicable, its what it does. But religion will always stand. Yet despite its efforts to try to show people the right way, man has faltered. We used to love God, but we strayed. Its hard to find the path again. I think everyone can. So go ahead, explain the inexplicable.
Broken Blind

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Broken Blind

I agree, that is a powerful quote.
I, personally, have no quotes up my sleeve. I only have my mind.
Me, if I ever come across someone gay, choose to look past that, and still be friends with them. Believe it or not, I do have a couple bi friends. I choose to fight the large mass, not the individual person.
If you see me as the person that'll run out into the street, crying, "Gays will go to hell." You're wrong.
You don't know what's happened to me. I don't agree, or want that crap in our world. It's not, nor ever, supposed to have been like that.
Man isn't perfect, this is one of their perverted and twisted ideas. I don't like how the minds of the people have twisted our justice system around, how they destroy what may be left of religion, how they try to destroy very good thing in life because it doesn't match up with their unsatiable greed and the idea of "The American Dream."
America will fall, another Hitler will arise, all of this eventually. I don't see homosexuals as a plague, but as a problem of the mind.
Can we truly stop it? Never. Once something like this begins, it's impossible to get rid of.
You ever look at the streets? Drugs, shooting, hookers, all these take away from what America once was.
America was founded on the idea of spiritual freedom. Americans are taking whats left of it. Christianity will never die. Homosexuals will always be in history from this day forth. What I want to do is save them from Hell.
I don't want them dead. And with the gun quote? It may be true, but at least we can unload a gun.
Broken Blind

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Broken Blind

And what I have been taught is that marriage, or ANY relationship should be kept between a man and a woman.
I stand by what I said. I don't have any regrets about what I said, because that is my true and honest belief.
If you can't honor that, then maybe you shouldn't have posted that in the first place.
I'm not saying we should all go be Hitler and kill them all, I just don't agree with what they do.
People cloud the fact by saying it's "in their DNA." I think that's bullshit.
So I honor what you posted. I expect you to do the same.
Snowy Alanna

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Snowy Alanna

Oh, sounds like you'd enjoy it.


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