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Current Background Art done by Silk Ashes

Hey there. And since you're here, welcome.

I'm Zippy T or Zippy, whichever you prefer. I'm a coffee pouring, crazy writer whose been inhabiting Gaia since 2005. Chances are you came across this place by my shop in the marketplace, or an art thread I've been chilling in; those are my main haunts.

My stories are my life. I've been working on my mega series, A Link in the Chain for over 15 years now, and all the outlines have decided...this is going to be one heck of a long haul. Currently it looks like I'm going to be going the route of making it an online novel, and hope to have the pilot chapter up by the end of this year.

Want to give me some motivation? Draw my babies! I am a nut for art. Seriously, I'm willing to give nearly all the items I've accumulated over the past 9 years for it. But I'm not the biggest on chibis unless it's for one specific character, Esevay. Think you have what will catch my eye? Drop me a line with some samples and your rate. I will not price art for you. I'm not comfortable doing that in this economy, so no price, no sale, or an extremely low ball.

The site with art of my characters can be found below~

A Link in the Chain Gallery

This is still under Construction. Many characters do not have art yet.

A Link in the Chain Gallery


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Auriga La Shock Report | 07/01/2020 8:04 pm
Auriga La Shock
frozendragon Report | 12/14/2016 10:02 am
Your workplace sounds super awesome (from November's message)! You guys do pretty great work and those events that you host year round must keep you guys busy redface Y'all need a bake sale or something pirate
frozendragon Report | 10/30/2016 9:12 pm
Yas. Busy busy. Doing good, but just hectic. How is the work since you became full-time? blaugh
frozendragon Report | 10/23/2016 9:02 am
Just busy with school. So many exams gonk
frozendragon Report | 10/17/2016 7:47 pm
Hey Girl Hey!!! How is it going? blaugh
frozendragon Report | 05/20/2016 3:26 pm
Why go for the 10 year one when you can go for the 20 year one? I was telling a few people that I won't go to this one because people's lives aren't crazy yet. A decade later is when the show starts with baby daddy/momma drama, divorces, and busted faces blaugh
frozendragon Report | 05/02/2016 8:22 pm
Still. Seems kinda random just to go to Arizona for games.

Time flies. Are you going to go? blaugh
frozendragon Report | 04/30/2016 8:37 pm
I don't think your family plays baseball....did they go just to watch the games? rofl I don't like adulting crying
HisHentaiGirl Report | 04/03/2016 11:57 pm
Thank you for the purchase. Have a great day c:
frozendragon Report | 03/31/2016 10:13 pm
The Easter zone is pretty awesome! But not much good drops...might just farm the eggs for Castor and then bounce to somewhere else.

Quarter system, unfortunately. It sucks gonk I start school again this upcoming Monday emo

Wow, you're super lucky! You have the whole house to yourself for peace and quiet blaugh What is this Spring Training?

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