Welcome to my profile. Here you will find...eh...learn alittle about me if you don't know me already.

My name is Samantha and I'm 15. I'm in 9th grade (freshmen blue). I'm not sure what excatly I want to be when I get out of school but things like photgrapher and designer has been intresting for me. My overall mood is happy-go-lucky. I'm not even sure what that mean but that's what I've been called by my friends. Yes, I do consiter myself weird, but really I think everybody is weird, they just don't want to admitt it. Yay to the weirdness of our world! >.<

I love comments and friends! Don't be afriad to chat with me.

Anime/manga, Para/DDR, video games, internet, writing stories/poems, cinnamon, music, keyboard, driving, oriental foods, and everyone of you reading this! ^.^

NEW QUIZ UPDATE!!! o: (put answers in comment section)

{1} What time is it?
{2} Whats the earliest memory you have?
{3} Do you like Big Red?
{4} Do you like cinnamon in general?
{5} Do you have an obsession with purple papered notebooks?
{6} Tissue box!
{7} If you could get a tattoo what would it be of? (pictures welcomed)
{8} If you could put yourself under any category, even if its made up, what would it be?
{9} Would you spend $260, pretending thats ALL your money, on a painting you saw in a window at Rooms To Go?
{10} Lord Of The ______?