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Same~ Sandra Galicia
Age~ 19
Weight~137 pounds
Height~ 5"1
Race~ Hispanic
Skin color~ Light tan
Haircolor~Black, light brown, and dark blonde highlights.
Eye color~ Brown with a blue ring around them
Piercings~ 5 (planning on getting more)
Relationship~ Single Mother.
Children~ One daughter, Alessa Evangeline Galicia (Planning to have more when older)
Location~ Richmond, California

Many, many things have happened to me through out my life, none of them good. I don't exactly have a good record with anything ive ever done. From highschool when i got arrested for possesion of weed when i was 16 to getting pregnant at 18 with someone who didn't love me. At this point, i don't expect my luck to change.
The only good thing's that's happened in my life so far are that iv'e givin birth to my baby girl. I love her dearly. And the fact that i recently graduated from Highschool is also another good thing that's happened. But all of the things iv'e done is for my baby. All the battles i'm going to face are for her.