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[i:b4d6ef2b49]Never pray, for when your hands are bound together tightly and your eyes are closed you are unable to fight for yourself and those you love. [/i:b4d6ef2b49]



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noonenoone111 Report | 06/03/2014 8:36 am
Nice profile and avatar. lol
Heavenly Sinful Muse Report | 04/21/2013 6:04 pm
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We who were normal on film, now talk of seperating. Saying things like “Those times were great, right ?”

Oi, I LOVE your avi! So sexeh heart

Lets embellish this ending with flowers. Who is going to shed tears, I wonder ?
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genocider syo Report | 03/27/2013 6:22 pm
ahhh you got princess of the world?! congrats!!
also how do you feel about the most recent sdr2 update
megucas Report | 03/18/2013 6:48 pm
thank you for your kind help!! uwu
Mouse it Up Report | 03/10/2013 3:08 pm
Your avi makes my soul squeal with enjoyment. Just thought I'd let you know. :3
Hikari no Seishin Report | 03/10/2013 10:59 am
Thank you for tipping my post smile
Verix Vortec Report | 03/02/2013 3:16 am
I have to admit, that is the cutest avatar I've seen in a long time.
civiIization Report | 02/28/2013 5:25 pm
thank you
cat_sad heart
genocider syo Report | 02/18/2013 9:14 pm
yeah, i checked out your shop! you're a great artist. nagito is great. if i weren't so poor i'd buy a SA account, but for now i wait until the pay wall goes down. question: what do you think of the DR item they released? i mean, i love ibuki but... c'mon.
genocider syo Report | 02/18/2013 7:26 pm
Ooooooooooh, gaahaaheehee, did the hottie really ask you that?! It figures he'd take pity on a filthy animal like you! Why would the great Byakuya-sama talk to you otherwise? Geeehahaheeee!!!

ok, no, for real, that totally made my day LMAO it's nice to meet you! to be honest i wanted to go for junko's name but it was taken (and never used!). i'm glad you found me, we actually have quite a few things in common. maybe i should actually use my profile and talk about myself. oops! i'm currently a kroger employee myself and i'm not so sure if you can get much suaver than telling someone how nice their hair is and how supportive their waist is.


Name: Anderson
Age: 22
Status: HAPPILY Married
Location: Middle of Nowhere, Idaho
Favorite Movie: Saw
Favorite Band: Queen
Favorite Games: Mass Effect, Dark Souls, Walking Dead, Harvest Moon Games and Otome
Favorite Books: Perks of Being a Wall Flower, Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Likes: Quilts, Green Tea, Cats, Blood, Gore and Horror, Crazy People, Turians, Women and Men.... not very picky, Stars and sparkly things, normal whores
Dislikes: Kids, Spiders, Snow above 10 inches, Colds, Attention whores


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