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[»]True Name: Zero Phoenix
[»]Nicknames: Z
[»]Affiliation: Nocturne Dragons
[»]Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Soldier, Tracker, Demon Slayer and Assassin

⊰Appearance: Usually seen wearing Black Clothes armed with many weapons

[»]Appeared Age: 19
[»]Actual Age: Unknown
[»]Date of Birth: Unknown
[»]Gender: Male
[»]Sexuality: Straight
[»]Place of Birth:
[»]Race/Species: Half Dragon, Half Demon with Altered Genes
[»]Height: 5'9
[»]Weight: 189 lbs
[»]Build: SSJ2 Teen Gohan style with Twilight Princess Link
[»]Skin Color: White
[»]Blood Type: Unknown due to genetic changes
[»]Natural Eye Color: Blue
[»]Natural Hair Color: Black
[»]Current Hair Color: Black
[»]Hair Length: Short
[»]Hair Style: SSJ 2 Gohan with blue tips and red edges
[»]Defining Facial Features: Normal
[»]Dominant Hand: Right
[»]Speech Patterns: Normal


[»]Marital Status: Married
[»]Birth Father: Zeeden
[»]Birth Mother: Cat
[»]Siblings: Yang (Sister)
[»]Best Friend: My Twin: Trust this guy

⊰Personality: Smart, Brave, Smart-Mouthy

[→]Major Personality Traits:

[→] Likes:

[→] Dislikes:

[»]Bad Habits: Unknown
[»]Good Habits: Unknown
[»]Best Memory: Having Daughter Azaria
[»]Worst Memory: Near Death against Dragon Valcanth
[»]Proud Of: Seren and my Family

[→] Friendships [Allies]: Unknown for now

[→] Rivalries [Enemies]: Anyone against Phantom or Nocturne Dragons

[→]Brief Biography: Born to Zeeden and Cat a child with very rare and unique gifts

Abilities: Energy Absorb, Energy Absorb, Energy Field, Self-Heal, Energy Sense, Ki, Chakra, Psionic, Master Swordsman, Weapons Specialist, Ninja Skills, Martial Artist, Psychic, Aura Sense

Genes Used: Saiyan for Ki, Saiyan Endurance and Super Saiyan, Phoenix for Resurrection Properties, Sparda to enhance Demon with unique skills and traits Uchiha for Sharingan,

Weaknesses: Holy, Ancestrial Light based Magic or abilities, Negate Phoenix Energies, Dragon weaknesses, Ground/Earth Abilities, Demonic Purification, Ice, Black Ice.

Elements: Darkness and Lightning

Weapon Styles: Broadswords and Japanese Samurai based
Main Weapon(s): Dragon Broadsword – A sword made from different parts of a Dragon(Fangs, Claws, Hide, Scales, Horns and Bones.) as well as Dragon Ore, Fire Ore, Ice Ore, Lightning Ore, and coated w/ Xantanium. It has Dragon Designs, Runes & Glyphs on the blade.

Broadsword of Ifrium – A Sword made from Fire Ore, Phoenix Ore, Sun Stone, Flame Stone Fire Dragon's Fang, and Iron ore. It is embedded with a Fire Crystal as well as Fire Energies and has it has fire abilities and can singe it’s opponent and can melt the coldest ice.

Ice Broadsword – A sword made from Ice ore, Ice Dragon's Fang, and Iron Ore it is embedded with an Ice Crystal and Ice Energies, it has Ice abilities it can freeze it’s opponent and cool the hottest flames.

Broadsword of Thora– A sword made from Lightning Ore, Thunder Ore, and Lightning Dragon's Fang It is embedded with a Lightning Crystal and Lightning Energies. It has Lightning Abilities, It can shock it’s opponent with 10,000-100,000 volts of electricity.

Ultima Broadsword - A sword made with the Ability to repel evil made with only the strongest metals like those of the Biggoron Sword Tempered like the Tempered Sword, Dipped into the Great Fairy's Fountain and given a golden finish, and Enhanced with the Gold Dust in Snowhead by the Village Smithy, it’s also enhanced with ancient magic as well as the goddesses flames. And given the power of light to vanquish the twilight.

Plasma Broadsword – A sword with a Plasma Blade it’s the strongest sword in Zero’s Arsenal. It’s created with The handle of a Broadsword and Infused with Chozo Technology and it’s Beam Technology utilizing the Plasma Beam which is enhanced and even stronger then ever and also adding the Charge Beam to make it even stronger adding more power to increase the Blades cutting power.

Side Weapons: Naginata of Shojo, Emerald Katana and Dark Star

Utility Belt -Z-Phone ,Shuriken Pouch, Med Pouch(Jelly Beans, First Aid Spray, Phoenix Down, and Ultra Potions) Silencer, Scope, Flashlight, Laser Sight, Audioscope, Datathief, Eject Pouch (Frag, Flash, Stun, Smoke, Electric, Acid, Incendiary, Plasma)

Attacks: Spin Attack, Shield Attack. Helm Splitter, Mortal Draw Jump Strike, Din's Fire, Nayru's Love, Farore's Wind, Ethereal Strike, Quake Strike, Inferno Strike, Lightning Blitz, Forest Entrapment, Spirit Breaker, Shadow Strike, Tidal Wave, Crimson Lightning Strike, Chaos Deity Strike. Dragon Cutter, Dragon Strike, Dragon Slash, Twin Dragon Fang, Dragon Raging Fang, Twilight Dragon Strike, Telepathy, Telemetry, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Psychic Hold, Mind wipe, Mind Crush, Mind Control, Darkness Infernal Strike, Lightning Blitz, Lightning Strike, Ice Shower Slash. Gravity Crush,

Fusion Suit Schematics
The Fusion Suit is the technology that Zero utilizes It is of Galactic Federation design in origin, and is designed to emulate the abilities of the original Power Suit. It is a Fusion Suit in that it is a Fusion of Chozo and Galactic Federation technology.
Data Rooms
These special rooms contain terminals that are used for downloading modifications for Galactic Federation Powered Armor models, such as the Marine suit type. These rooms are present aboard the Prometheus II Gunship and Leviathan Space Station
The Diodes on the back of the Fusion Suit allow for new upgrades to be downloaded.
The Fusion Suit is compatible with these Data Rooms, and can utilize them to download new special abilities. The new abilities that are downloaded are digitally transferred to Zero's body armor, and the Fusion Suit uses the data transferred to upgrade itself much like the Power Suit uses a material Upgrade Item. Largely, the abilities downloaded in this way are weapons that are meant to emulate Chozo upgrades that Zero Used
Zero can gain new abilities by absorbing special X Parasites on board the Planet SR388.
All of these abilities are gained by absorbing either Core-X or Hard Core-X. Also by Gathering Reploid Data by Scanning the Reploid.
Abilities absorbed by X Parasites include:
Charge Beam
High Jump
Speed Booster
Varia Suit
Wide Beam
Space Jump
Plasma Beam
Gravity Suit
Wave Beam
Screw Attack
Ice Beam
|[-------------------------------------------------------------------------]| Absorbed Through Reploid Data Include:
Homing Torpedo
Rolling Shield
Boomerang Cutter
Metal Blade
Electric Spark
Storm Tornado
Chameleon Sting
Shotgun Ice
Quake Blazer
Rising Dragon Slash
Fallen Phoenix Crush
|[-------------------------------------------------------------------------]| The Diodes on the back of the Fusion Suit allow for new upgrades to be downloaded.
The Rear Torso has a mounted protruding section (like a small "back pack") that seems to store the downloaded technology from Data Rooms. This makes sense, since the trine of diodes used to download new upgrades is mounted onto the center of this section.
Barb-like objects run along the arm of the Fusion Suit. They are generally referred to as "Metroid Teeth."
Without rigid armor plating, the Fusion Suit's left hand is fully free to move, twist, and contort itself into any position, with the help of the flexible polymer covering. Besides this fact, the left hand is entirely unremarkable.
The left arm, however, is. There are barb-like blades running along the arm and are used as Samus's primary melee weapon. These blades are lovingly referred to by fans as "Metroid Teeth". When not needed, they can be retracted and tucked against the arm, allowing Zero to freely move her arm without fear of causing unintentional harm. They are deadly and likely enhanced with energy for extreme damage.
The boots seem to use a form of anti-gravity to propel Zero into the air.
The method that the Fusion Suit uses to achieve such high jumping capabilities is a mystery. The most likely answer is that the soles of the Fusion Suit's boots contain a weak form of anti-gravity that gives Samus the ability to leap to great heights.
New Features Added: P.E.D. Suit (Powered by Phazon Core to enhance weapons w/ Phazon)
New Energy Tank powered by Linothium Core.
Phazon Suit -A Suit Upgrade that will give Zero the ability to withstand the Effects of Phazon
Ability/Energy Absorb Feature
-Nodes featured on the Palm of Left Hand able to use New Abilities and Absorb Energy.
The Suit's Protection and Agility Increases thanks to the Ultium Around the Suit.
Uses the Space Pirates Hazard Shield Upgrade for Maximum Protection against Hazards.
Note: This Suit still uses the Diodes on the Back as a way of Transferring Item Data as a secondary source.
Note 2: Samus helped her Grandson Develop a 2nd Fusion Suit mixed w/Chozo, Galactic Federation, Space Pirate and Reploid Technology Called the Fusion-X suit thus Giving him added Protection and New Abilities.
Note 3: The Fusion Suit works in conjunction with the Platoon 7 Power Suit


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