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Freakin Sexy Monkey Report | 03/31/2012 10:09 pm
Freakin Sexy Monkey
Lol your totally dead hahahah XD man looking though comments are so ******** funny.

>>s**t I was retarded what the hell was I even saying I'm dead your dead >.>>>why did we keep on saying that over
and over again shittttt no wonder why I use to think gaia was so fun >:T I WAS SO ******** RETARDED.
GAIA WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY>>>.> because freakin sexy monkey we don't keep every single information about everyone what do you think we are
a computer NOOOOOOOOOO. >.> I can see this happening if I try to ask them to give me my passwords for my gaia account they probably want believe me anyways so I want
go that far but if I did then I would be surprise...HMMM

>>>I'm assuming your no longer on Gaia Zerg_Palak since you my really old comment is just right below....but if you are still on which would be creepy and amazing then s**t dude get more comments
>>Oh god I hope your not on gaia or the account at lest you'll think I turn ******** insane or something...but I'm just rumbling to my self because I'm bored and this Ms paint picture is taking to long and it not
even all that great....But I guess I do stuff like this and loge-dag >>>..>>>>>

I hope it turns out alright though it be a shame if it doesn't I would be depress about it s**t I should stop writing know one going to read this I hope >.> what the odd of that happening unless your still get on gaia....hmm but
what if its a random person..I know the odds are really slim and to add to that odds them reading his comment shorts and if he doesn't get on Then their would be less likely of a chance...and plus this message is way to long talking
about crap that want make sense unless your in my head or at least know why I'm rumbling.

OH well this theory of mine is s**t ******** it already bored of it>...>>>>>> There not really a good chance for someone to find it so I don't have to worry>>>how it know one I know or met once on gaia then they would think my personality
is way different then how I usually act.............Well any who I should be going know Zerg_palak thanks you for letting me use your comment for my own personal use. biggrin

>..But its not like you'll do anything about it Like I said your dead and will always reamed that way hopefully>>>s**t STOP Writing maybe I am insane ******** I was restarted and then turn Insane hmmm I wonder what worse
OH well I'm not having another theory about ******** STOP YOU MENTAL INSANE LUNATIC YOUR GOING TO CREEP SOMEONE OUT ONE DAY...alright my theory before how did it come to this again
s**t okay>:T serious this time for reals thanks you Zerg_palak I highly appreciate this

Have fun being dead>>>>>>LOVE YOUR ONE AND ONLY >>>>>Freakin sexy monkey<<<because hes freakin sexy
Freakin Sexy Monkey Report | 02/02/2011 10:08 pm
Freakin Sexy Monkey
lol IM guessing dead
Freakin Sexy Monkey Report | 06/24/2009 2:20 am
Freakin Sexy Monkey
Huh How are you
CrazyWorm Report | 01/31/2009 8:06 pm
oi org kaya, minta duik sikit..
e-one5481 Report | 01/22/2009 8:57 am
babi ko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
e-one5481 Report | 01/18/2009 8:16 am
jgn nk melancap je.
e-one5481 Report | 01/18/2009 8:16 am
woi...stdy la....
Amoskito Report | 01/13/2009 1:38 am
my sister
Amoskito Report | 01/13/2009 1:37 am
Amoskito Report | 01/13/2009 1:35 am
hey hottie lol



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