For those of your who only speak idiot, let me simplify the up-coming statments.

'i r flyer pirate i ficks win shis rel god kaythnxbai'

With the translation above done, allow me to introduce myself, I am Zera Ren. Judging by that fact most people have their names shortnened to brief names, doubtless you will end up refering to me as Zera. Now, this screen name has been tailored to suit a rule created between Zeke Ren, and myself. As you can see, both names start with a Z. Then each have a '4, 3' letter structure. Both have an 'E', a miscellanious letter, and another misc. letter. Then a consonant, another 'E', and once again ,a consonant. Now, the last name of this digital avitar and first name being so similar to Zeke is more delved into a Roleplay aspect. While in character, Zera is not actually a Ms. or Mrs. Ren, the name is a ruse to suggest relation, to in character, the air pirate mechanic and pilot captain of the Wayward Comet, Zeke Ren.

But enough of that, I enjoy long flights through the open air, surronded by generic pirate romance novel heroes. Well, not the dumbass ones from all these poorly made Rps. 'i hav 2 goon blads!!111!one-eleventy11!'. Then there are the fangirls. My god, with the Inuyashas and the what not. It's all bullshit crammed up the a** of America's culture and forced to eat as the Japanese are laughing at us and our crappy dubbed anime. But, this is all beside the point.

In the absence of somthing to occupy this area, I must quote Zeke:How 'bout them corn?
How 'bout them corn Indeed Zeke, them corn, indeed.


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Zera's Personal Log

If you are reading this, you have probably stolen this journal or broken into my quarters. If you have I suggest you put this down, run away, and pray I don't ever find you.


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So, are you familiar with the back ally special.
Bang Roh

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Bang Roh

Wait, what the ******** Zeke your a girl now. Were the ******** have i been? then that means its the twylight zone...>_>....<_<.....>_<

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...Well sonofabitch', I never thought I'd have to deal with a female version of Zeke. I'ma gonna be makin' me preperations.
`` a l i c e

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`` a l i c e