Little Insight

Hello! My name is Michael, and it's my first time back to GaiaOnline after quite a few years... and I finally realized why I missed it so much: CREATIVITY!

Ever since I left I've been bubbling to the brim with it, but with nowhere to put it all, so I have returned! (Even though I did kind of leave my old account abandoned... but hey could be worse (since I don't remember it's pass word... xD) )

Anywho... where to start... Not sure at the moment, so ask away and get to know me and feel free to invite me to your rp's! I LOVE ROLEPLAYING!! <3 <3 <3

*ahem* That is all. Talk to y'all later!

Oh! Anyone that feels like having a conversation about ab-so-freaking-lutely aaaaaaaaaaaaanything better come my way as well! razz razz razz