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This is Me

Hello and welcome to my profile. <3

Zentaro Shikari;
Sex: Male 
Age: 27
Appearance: Wannabe cool guy who is actually a huge dork. 7ft tall. White hair, huge black horns and tail.
Orientation: Gay.
Species: Incubus
Status: Kicked out of his home planet because he tried to kick satan in a tantrum. He had to harrass females in their sleep, but wasn't having any of it. Currently going from planet to planet in search of a new home.

25 / Graduated from art academy / Dutch / Demiboy/F / Taken IRL / BL lover
I like dicks

Feel free to comment or pm, even when you aren't my friend. (Yet ; ))

''I wanna be gay 'cause you're ******** and I wanna savour it''

My life in a nutshell

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My life

Some stories about my life. Might be triggering to some.

I'm happy when i see your smile

your words

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A Silly Canadian Report | 05/11/2019 4:03 pm
A Silly Canadian
We should go to the Falls. Apparently it's very romantic there. OR LETS GO TO QUEBEC AND MOCK SOME FRENCHIES BONJOUR BAGUETTE CROISSANT
A Silly Canadian Report | 05/03/2019 3:14 pm
A Silly Canadian
A Silly Canadian Report | 05/03/2019 3:08 pm
A Silly Canadian
I gotta tenderize the beef for you. redface
Tashikana Report | 03/07/2019 12:38 pm
Oh my Gee.

Your profile is awesome. smile
A Silly Canadian Report | 02/19/2019 9:29 pm
A Silly Canadian
A comment for you, because I still owe you some beef art.
ParadoxRift Report | 01/19/2019 5:29 pm
Tuso Tea Report | 01/12/2019 12:10 pm
Tuso Tea
I'm mainly just coughing too much so my chest is sore xd
Tuso Tea Report | 01/12/2019 7:30 am
Tuso Tea
I hope you get well soon! heart

I also caught the flu. sweatdrop
Kiro_Shinigami Report | 12/16/2018 8:35 am
t was leuk genoeg XD Maauh, ik ga weer in mijn thread bezig zijn, join us?
Kiro_Shinigami Report | 12/16/2018 7:02 am
-bows- thankful people even like my work <3


This is my OC,
Zentaro! If I am in a
forum you are talking to him. ♡

25 /Dutch /Art Acadamy Graduate /BL lover
My DA (new)
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Discord in case gaia dies: ZENTARO#6465

I'm also on Recolor.me:Zentaro

Zentaro on IMVU!