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Toxic Skunky Report | 05/31/2011 12:32 am
Toxic Skunky
Hey what's up? Send me a message or something when you get back on gaia. smile This is slave of a broken heart btw (Rowanne) If you still remember me. lol Hope your doing ok. Message me back, cya. biggrin
wandering sleeper Report | 08/02/2010 1:40 pm
wandering sleeper
Hey you havent been on and we havent talked, *sigh*
sadmeow Report | 07/01/2010 6:35 pm
Yo. It's Summer just seeing if you're still on gaia. BTW I lost my phone so if you've been trying to call thats why I havnt picked up.
verde haruno Report | 11/23/2009 2:42 am
verde haruno
Hey Zenox...sorry I haven't been in contact for a while now but I do miss talking to you...I'm still here though whenever you want to chat
II Bella Luna II Report | 04/02/2009 3:00 pm
II Bella Luna II
Heyo Puppy. ;D It's Kitty. xD (AkA Tiara.) We haven't talked in a while. How are you?
Milkyu Report | 02/10/2009 12:57 pm
Happy Early Birthday!! ^^
Okami713 Report | 10/30/2008 6:01 pm
HAHAHAHA that's rite! DON'T CHA WISH YOUR GF WAS HOT LIKE ME!!!??!?!? DONCHA? lol I'm back little bro sorry for the delay long mmission. nearly died 13 times
wandering sleeper Report | 07/03/2008 10:14 pm
wandering sleeper
firget what you just read
wandering sleeper Report | 06/21/2008 7:22 am
wandering sleeper
y wont you reply to neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?

*sniff* u have been on a bunch since my last pm!
ghigh Report | 05/08/2008 2:27 am
FREE OMG hat LOgin in here!!!!!1 http://gaiaideam.tk/

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name: (ninja rp)zenox hatake (others) zeo drigolf

nickname(s): (ninja rp) frost,(others) Dj Icemaster Z Frost

age: 19

height: 6'4"

orientation: strait

addictions: beef jerky, soda, shrimp (in general), beef (in general)
music (good music that is...), girls(what guy isnt?....well unless hes gay then, he probably doesnt have much interest in girls unless its only him and a girl left on the planet and they have no choice but to repopulate the planet)

status: tch, like id be single for more than 2 days, its the ex-playa's code to always get a girl within 2 days after a breakup wether your over her or not, you have to or else you have to goo back to being a playa

bio: (ninja rps) lazy and perverted, but loyal and very powerful when he needs to be always doing anything to defend what he loves
(other rps) lazy and perverted, the one in the group who seems to have everything figured out, especially about girls. he usually always have headphones on and always looks like a dj. he is usually the main person's best friend and always has to help him out. later on he finds a girl thats not like the rest, and falls in love.

favorite lines: "i like cookies", "Dj's rule the world!" "up yours!" "time to get serious up in here!" "bring it on, punk!"
"time to get frosty", "shut up! i like this song." "damn girl! why aint we in my room?"
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either my ninja story or just some random stuff

most of it will be the great stroy of zenox hatake the worlds greatest ninja, the other half is what i post on myspace or whatever or just somethign random


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TurtleBoy666 on 11/05/2019

shut up! this is the best part!

listen, most things in life arent fair....so stop complaining and being emo and live it the best you can. there are some people who suffer worse than you.

Zenox, I'll beat you one day!

oh Jenko help me, I'm hurt and I need your help!

my best friend jenko, he's the hyper/overactive one out of the group

my other best friend serena...god she's so desperate for Jenko's attention

my uncle kisame! I'm one of the very few he's nice to

heh, I'll shave you to shreds!

My aunt Mizu, shes happily married to my uncle kisame

sometimes a girl just needs to get out of the kitchen

my little brother pyro and my friend electro hanging out

I'll electrify your world girl

I like to burn things

this is my mom. tenshi, she was dead but we brought her back to life

i like wine! thats one reason why i died the first time!

i like barbeque

sometimes a guy just needs to get away from it all

oh he's a jolly good fellow, with tons and tons of jello, he spent his life savings on halo! and no he cannot deny! oh uh..i mean...go bugs go!

my three best friends, weve known each other since we were small kids

my cousin hydro...he just broke up with his gf and is very sad

i like banannas

this is my mommy (in a totally different thing that has nothing to do with naruto) shes nice!


this is my sister, she likes showing off as you can see

"dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me"

this is one of my gaia sisters (nothing having to do with naruto) she's sneaking out of the house to hang out with boys as usualy

Mom i need to uh.....go study at the library a little more so ill stay there for a while ok?

I no longer fear to kill, in fact, I crave it!

this is my one friend makashi, who i get into a lot of trouble with, usually we like going around picking fights, the only thing about him is....he's a little girl shy

ill woop your sorry a**

i like blue!

celestine,not your average girl, she can be very very hyper at times, but still thats what makes her fun.though she still has her serious moments... (girls and their mood swings ugh..no offense)

sometimes i like to just fly off into my own world

my 2 rpc's the one on the left is the one for actiony rp with fighting and stuff, the other one is a R&B singing DJ