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Zenki's BB and CV info

Name: Zenki Goukiamato
Age: unknown though he says 1,738
Sex: male
race: Oni
Weapon: Divine sword that can grow in size to the will of the user forged under a full moon called Tsuki-Zankantou.
Powers: control over the moons energy and physical abilities thirty times that of a humans. He also has

Wife; Saki Goukiamato Belmont
Son: (adopted) Harold Morris.
Brother: Dolen Goukiamato

Combat style: A mix of Lunar Swordsmanship and Japanese Kendo.

Bio: Zenki Goukiamato is A Time diver whose past is complex and long spoken. Zenki was born in the realm of the Oni as a member of the Shiki-Oni Tribe. His father was a Black smith, his mother a princess. His Mother however gave birth to a twin brother who in actuality was a Holy omnipotent spirit far older then the unborn zenki.

Upon giving birth to Zenki and Dolen she died and their father raised them. Centuries passed Zenki and Dolen would go down in history as a hero's who opposed the great evil being called "Galamoth". Zenki, though highly skilled in the ways of the sword killing over 5000 of Galamoths soldiers, Died from his wounds. The result of the fall of his first body.

Several more centuries passed and a powerful mage in charge of a order of Dark knights, Revived Zenki sealing his memories and soul into a Human shell named Tristan malphas. Tristan grew up becoming a master of many sword styles and was ranked a captain. He met a Beautiful girl named Saki Belmont and it was love at first sight.

Though he was a dark knight and they were forbidden love, he would sneak out to be with her eventually asking her to marry him. She agreed but fate would not be kind to Zenki who was now Tristan. he was ordered to perform a genocide Mission.

He slaughtered men, women and children finally realizing the Leader of the "Order of the Dark Sword", Barthandeulis's true Form a cold blooded killer who loved to conquer rather then defend. Tristan who is Zenki started a revolt with only his squad finally reaching Barthandeulis at the cost of his entire platoon. However he dealt the killing blow or so he thought only for Barthandeulis to regenerate and Kill Zenki who was tristan at that time.

He had lost his second body. His fiance upon hearing the news committed suicide in the middle of a town square hanging her self on a cross. Dolen's voice rang into Zenki's ears as Zenki awoke in his current body the third body. Dolen said that Zenki was chosen as guardian of the moon and was needed alive. Zenki still retaining the memories of both his past lives knew his brother and figured out he was brainwashed this struck a unknown fear in his heart.

He Ran to the home of the girl he promised to wed only to find her father dead and following the trail of blood...Saw his fiance's lifeless corpse. he Cursed the name Barthanduelis and swore he would kill him one day. Barthanduelis however had Gone into hiding. Several more centuries would pass and Zenki would become a hero once again in the Year 1999 in the demon castle wars...He had Been asked by a man Named Julius belmont, who heard about Zenki's abilities with a blade and that he was able to kill creatures beyond the reach of normal men, To help him slay Dracula.

Zenki was not Interested until he learned that his wife presumed dead had been revived by a Demon forger named Isaac as a succubus. he was also told she had started a relationship with Isaac one of love. Zenki in his rage and pain at his fiance's betrayal agreed as long as he got to kill Isaac and put his Fiance Saki out of her misery.

Two others would Join them a Preist named Hikaru Hakuba, the head of the Hakuba family and Alucard, the half vampire son of Dracula and Lisa Tepes. During the battle both sides suffered heavy casualties. But the soldiers allowed the 4 of them to enter Draculas castle which had returned as Nostradamus had predicted it would in 1999. They fought their way into the throne room of Dracula. Zenki came face to face with his fiance... The two had a short discussion with Saki stating, after hearing Zenki say he was Tristan her long lost Fiance, was a liar and deserved to be punished for wounding issac her master previously.

Zenki said he would never give up and would always oppose her till she realized she was nothing more but a play thing to him while he truly loved her and give up. She laughed in scorn as the two eventually fought Julius used this distraction to kill Dracula for good. Hikaru immediately started the ritual to seal Dracula's castle the source of his power and his constant revival telling the other three to escape saki swore to avenge her dark lord saying she hated Zenki and that she would always hate him for bringing up painful memories of a past long gone.

Zenki simply pitied her and leaped out the castle window. The castle was sealed, Dracula no more, the war over and Zenki was able to move on with a different goal in his mind. Save his fiance of her torment at any cost even his own life. Several decades passed and the year 2036 came this was two years after the supposed arrival of the heir to Dracula's throne in 2034. Zenki met Soma disguising himself as a info broker. Later after Soma and Zenki encounter Saki, who Zenki reveals to Soma, is his Fiance from his second life revived as a succubus, Tells soma he is really a Guardian the new head in his brother Dolen's place since he went missing. Soma agreed to help Zenki get back his fiance because he said Zenki was the only man who didn't judge Soma by his forced destiny but by his character.

Saki and Zenki would fight many times Zenki always prevailing in the end because of his undying love and solitary goal to bring her to her senses. Zenki then finally pinned Saki in a corner and recited the memories of his second life thus proving he was Tristan.

Saki lifted her scythe and charged at him in the attempt to kill him but broke down into tears and kissed him over and over yelling and hitting his chest saying how much pain and sadness he had brought her by not coming back alive. Saki then stated she is still titled to her past master with a pact.

Zenki then asked her to marry him...declaring it his pact with her to become hers eternally. She agreed and they were married instantly Saki free of her torment and now able to live with Zenki. Zenki then came before the guardian council and resigned as a guardian stating he would Protect humanity rather then observe it like the Gaurdians.

His brother Dolen let him keep his powers as a parting gift and said to live his life his own way. Zenki smiled and swore on his honor he would always Help them. He then trained to become a Time diver. A Being who's task was to keep the flow of time free of corruption and evil manipulation. However Barthandeulis had Returned and slayed all but three time divers Making Zenki their new leader.

Zenki formed a sword style called Lunar swordsmanship which was a combination of his offensive moon magic and defensive Time magic. later to be improved by the addition of his Oni speed and strength.

This art would allow him to slay many evils that came across his path or his friends path. He now calls himself Zenki the Time diver.

BB Zenkis Bio:

Name: Zenki Goukiamato (The Lunar Demon)
Age: ???
Sex: Male
Race: Oni
Blood type: O
Weight: 245 lbs (all muscle)

Fighting style: A mixture of Samurai Swordsmanship , Hand to Hand Fighting and Lunar Magic.

Physical Traits: Physical strength endurance and reflex's 20 times a humans he is also faster then one. He has only one eye due to a certain "Duel" he had with a Unrevealed enemy.

Weapon: A Long Slender Sword that was used during the oni wars against a unknown demon ruler. It is said its Grows in size to its owners will.

Moves list:
Light attacks:

Steel Claw: - a vertical slash-

Steel Fang: - a horizontal slash
Roaring blade: -a Upward slash-

Chrono Spiral: -low sweep kick-

Prolouge: - low slash which causes the foe to trip-

Epilouge: -follows umbra by stomping on the foe-

Moonlight: - points at foe as a small beam of lunar energy strikes high-

Jump attacks:

Alpha raid: -a forward punch-

Omega Raid: - a forward kick followed by knee attack-

Full moon: -a 3 slash combo vertical, horizontal, stab.-

Hard attacks:

Cresent Moon: - a mid elbow strike followed by vertical sword slash-

Total eclipse: - a hard upper cut that sends a foe into the air-

Waxing moon: -follows up Total eclipse with a down ward pulse of lunar energy slamming the foe into the ground-

Half moon: a hard side kick that smaks the foe back (this move can be followed up with Total eclipse)

Waning Moon: - a throw down rebounds a foe off the ground then warps behind a foe the slash deals heavy damage-

Celestial crash: -grabs a foe by the face and turns in the opposite direction hurling the foe into a wall-

Time pause: -stops time and enchains foe with lunar energy as the foe then is thrown forward. this is followed by Zenki throwing his sheathed sword as it rebounds off the foe and into his hand-

Blood Heat:

Sacred saber: - stops time as he draws his sword swinging it in different directions 20 times. This is followed by a palm strike that causes a huge shockwave of lunar energy in the shape of a sword to impale the enemy-

Raging Demon: -counters the foes attack and then throws his sword into the air punching and kicking the foe in a graceful display of martial arts hitting 30 times followed by zenki catching his sword and performing a heavy slash-

Astral finish:

Lunar Zankantou: - Zenki throws his sword into the air and enters a hot blooded state as he shouts on the top of his lungs wailing on the foe non stop with lunar energy beams followed by hundreds of punches and kicks totaling 200 hit combo as he catches his sword its blade grows huge as he screams "ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN" he slams the sword down cleaving the foe down the middle instant k.o-

Bio: A Time Traveler of Sorts From Another realm All together he got stuck in The Human world due to a Warp distortion. Though he is from a Tribe of The oni race Called Shiki Oni, he is not in the least Barbaric. He is bit on the silly side and also Quite the Gentlemen to women. He Knows of Hazama's true identity and seems to be monitoring him he was revealed to be a Temporal anomaly by V-13 when he defeated her.

He tends to address Strangers as how they look sometimes making him look ruder then he is. He Considers Himself a Rival to Hakumen due to their sword styles and beliefs. Zenki Later Revealed himself to Litchi as a Hero of the Ancient Yokai war. a War that took place in japan before the Black beasts exsistance. When he met Hakumen, Hakumen referred to him as Zenki the Lunar Demon and immediately challenged him to a duel which he lost.

Zenki in reply to Hakumens defeat helped him up leaving Hakumen speechless and wondering why he did that to which Zenki replied. "A hero never gives up beaten or not...". Hakumen merely remained silent as Zenki left. Zenki is Also the Trainer and Mentor of Flare and Frost though the two constantly smack him around when he acts childish. Leading them to seem more mature than he.

Zenki also helps Litchi around the clinic and tells stories of the "Other" world he is from. he was given the nickname Unicorn by Tao which he reluctantly accepted without question. He is a Fatherly figure around Tao and constantly helps Litchi watch her. To this day Zenki's True objective is to Destroy all forms of evil and protect the Time Lines.

Zenkis Hatred for Hazama is A mystery but it seems most likely due to them being complete opposites and the Threat Hazama poses to the time lines should he Succeed.

Time divers: These SKilled time travelers have the ability to manipulate time in their favor as well as exist in all time line and demensions without a paradox. to a normal human they appear as blurs in combat but in reality they have slowed time and are moving at normal speed. they can also stop time in a small area for about a maximum of 30 seconds. Zenki is the only one who can actually stop time for longer which is why he was selected as their leader.


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Vulikar Report | 10/11/2013 7:31 am
Mystical Antiques Report | 10/08/2013 7:11 pm
Mystical Antiques
Congrats, me too. Well, going on for about five months from now and still at home. Lol.

I bet Ambi would be happy to hear that one. xD ^^
Mystical Antiques Report | 10/08/2013 5:51 pm
Mystical Antiques
Yeah. e.o Meebo shut down on Gaia and now there is no more chat.

So much has changed, but some things are still the same here. xD Ambi was asking about you two days ago.

How 's life?
Mystical Antiques Report | 10/08/2013 5:35 pm
Mystical Antiques
That's because there isn't any more chat. Gaia lost Meebo. D:

Hey Zenki, its been a while owo;
Erina Belmont Report | 08/25/2013 7:35 am
Erina Belmont
(( Happy birthday, big bro!!!!~ heart heart heart ))
Erina Belmont Report | 08/25/2012 6:41 am
Erina Belmont
Happy birthday, grandpa.
(( KSJDHFKJFH HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BRO!! skldjfhaslkdjfhasfjh <3333333 ))
Natasha BeImont Report | 05/10/2012 8:22 pm
Natasha BeImont
"Hi Lord Zenki, I'm Natasha Belmont and I am Real Vampire Hunter......To revealed the Dracula from 1999 * I am not a random person xd *
Meh.I am Whip Master no matter you are ....My older sister is Erina and My sister is Saki

it's Nice to meet you >>Zenki_chan"
i dont vend Report | 05/10/2012 5:42 am
i dont vend
"Hello Zenki...You found of Dracula Mistress...Remember me,
My name is Miyu from Hiroshima's Shrine as Dark Lady........
I waiting for you, Zenki "
Erina Belmont Report | 08/25/2011 2:08 pm
Erina Belmont
It's your b-day
And you're not on.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY heart heart heart heart heart heart
Boffii Report | 06/11/2011 5:50 pm
The little runt grinned a cheezy grin and pinched his cheeks gently. Stretching them...while he attempted to chew the mini toasts... she giggled. "hee hee~ Zenki~!" Releasing him, the runt swayed, unable to hold STILL! "So um, whachya doin'?!"



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