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Zenith. He/They. Australia. 1992.
Never know what to say in these things but I don't think anyone reads them anyway.

I play video games. Trans. Autistic. Funniest guy you'll meet lol



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CounterTerrorist Report | 09/23/2023 4:04 pm
You're good, I just got super busy with my new job.

My sense of weather is skewed, since Cali is either 'windy', 'foggy', or 'weirdly hot'.

Yeah, I'm not looking forward to having to enroll in disabilities.
CounterTerrorist Report | 09/14/2023 1:30 pm
Doesn't it snow in Tasmania?

I hear Adelaide's good for that. ...unless you're already in Adelaide. XP

Holy s**t, yeah. I know some others Aussies who are autistic and found it a nightmare to work with social services. They're a lot better nowadays, but it took ages.

It happened on the 4th! And I believe it's yours, right now! Happy birthday! Double happy birthday!
CounterTerrorist Report | 09/14/2023 11:57 am
It's both. somehow. At least I'm catching up on chores to make myself presentable to the technician. Gotta wait until next week to get paid for my services, unfortunately. -_- ******** capitalism.

Worst case, I can send you a PM with posts, if that's okay? Or would you prefer until I get this stuff squared away? I've been pondering stuff about the demons.
CounterTerrorist Report | 09/11/2023 10:07 pm
It gets farking cold in NZ during the winter. I still remember seeing pictures of Christchurch in snow, and being weirded out.

There are parts of the UK that are cheap and still in a city proper, but I couldn't do the countryside, personally.

Even better when those rubbishmen time your breaks. I had one of my former bosses tell me that "if I'm not at my desk, I'm not doing work"... despite having phones that let us run the scripts they needed. It's pathetic. I do hear the Gold Coast is nice, even in winter.

Also, happy early birthday. September babies, woo!
CounterTerrorist Report | 09/06/2023 10:50 pm
I used to loathe being warm year-round, but I'm so used to the increasingly hot summers - and one year, it was bone-chillingly cold in my family's house, to the point it physically ******** hurt to walk on the cold floor. ;w; That said, aren't large parts of New Zealand fairly cool-to-cold year-round?

England and Ireland aren't bad, but prices are pretty sky-high. Scandinavia in general, perhaps? I want to visit Sweden and Norway.

In general, corporations are seriously out of touch. The eight-hour workday was apparently so that men could have an excuse to avoid their wives. -_- I've been screwed over by it several times, personally. Like right now, in fact. :V Payday can't come soon enough.

Huh, ask your cousin when you've got time. I have no idea why I'm weirdly invested in Australian real estate, besides the fact I know too many Australians, all due to my night owl schedule.
CounterTerrorist Report | 09/03/2023 2:19 pm
A humid oven, Darwin is. At least it stays warm year-round, but yeah, the heat's the same as Southeast Asia, from what I see.
Yeah, that's it. I think the only places that do weekly rent is if you're staying in a motel or extended stay.
Some places are paying weekly, but most do it every two weeks/three weeks. Apparently, companies feel like it makes workers more unlikely to spend, which is stupid. I prefer getting it weekly.
Also, yeah, I hear a lot about big city prices. It's why a lot of people I know are headed into Brissy, since it's not as bad there.
CounterTerrorist Report | 08/31/2023 12:24 pm
Really? I heard Brissy was alright, especially when compared to Darwin. I mostly heard about Sydney growing up, and interestingly, the Aus government put out a few adverts here to try and get techies to move, since SF/Bay Area and Melbourne are both tech hubs... with the same issues of homelessness and sky-high rent.
CounterTerrorist Report | 08/24/2023 9:21 pm
Yeah, I hear Melbourne sprawl is insane. It's not dissimilar to LA, where it's one giant city with tonnes of suburban sprawl around it. The weather's likely nicer in Sydney, too. I prefer cities you can walk, and Sydney seems a lot more walkable than Melbourne.

Then again, I have friends moving to Brissy, which I hear is getting better.
CounterTerrorist Report | 08/24/2023 4:51 am
Lol, you're the first to tell me Melbourne's overrated. I'm told Sydney's the place that's overrated, but then again, I love indie music and some of my favourite bands crawled outta there, so Melbourne gets recommended to me a lot. What were you there for when you went last?
CounterTerrorist Report | 08/22/2023 3:13 pm
Is it the same with Melbourne? I've heard their public transport is worse, but that'd just put it on par with SF.


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