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Name is marty but here... my name is zelo. not as cool as the name kirito xd :.
☆I am 26
☆I frequently random add people
☆If you accepted then welcome to my world, if you wanna decline, well your giving up some of the most memorable times of your life
☆I am a very secluded guy that has the most unimaginable personality that will keep you on your toes for a few lifetimes
☆Honestly if life were a mmo like sword art online id be the happiest person alive. we haven't made dive tech yet so "crossing fingers" ill live to see it and enjoy it while im alive.

☆I do love talking about my daughter so if you don't wanna hear about her you might not wanna friend me.

If you are down for some of the funniest most adventurous times you could possibly imagine then im your guy. message me. comment me. just find a way to reach me anytime. and if your a visitor and you think im interesting, add me. im always down for a chat.