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Times change and the wind blows ever bringing new winds to us. As the wind changes so do I. My dearest friends know this about me. I do a lot of art. I am evil and cute at the same time, or so I have been told, and will hurt anyone who messes with the people I love. I have an obsession with foxes due to my research into their mythology and lore in multiple countries. Most people around here call me Z. I go by many other names, but I want to tell everyone a story before you get to know me too well. Read it as you will and I encourage you to look up the full story. It is called The Little Prince.

There one was a Little Prince who was a child from a very small planet, and when he was bored, sad, or tired of his red rose bossing him around...he would hop on comets and visit other planets. On his planet all he had were three small volcanos, two active and one dormant. He used them to heat his breakfast in the morning. And a single beautiful rose which he pampered everyday. Each planet had a different person on it that confused him: greedy, selfish, angry, or non-imaginative grown ups who the Little Prince grew tired of. One day the Little Prince was in the countryside of a planet so large that he had to wait a whole 24 hours to see the sun set again, and he wandered through a feild. He hadn't seen anyone for miles, and the last person he talked to was a grown up that told him to go away, since he was so busy. So the Little Prince was all alone in the meadow, in the middle of no where, lonely, bored, and sad. All of a sudden, a small tuft of gold and red fur popped up from behind a grass mound. The Little Prince asked the air...."Who's there?"
A very reluctant fox poked its head up better for the Prince to see. Of course, the The Little Prince never saw a fox, and was curious. "What are you? You're Pretty to look at." The Fox, puzzled, asked the boy: "You don't know what I am? You're not sent by the farmer to trick me?" The Little Prince looked confused, and shook his head. The fox continued: "I'm a Fox. Who are you?" The Fox maintained its distance....not getting close to the Little Prince at all. The Prince told the fox who he was, and where he was from; a small planet very very far away. The fox looked at him as if he just heard an ordinary fact. The Fox asked: "Are there any farmers where you live?" The Prince answered no. The Fox asked: "Are there any guns?" The Prince again answered no, "Just me, my little plants, my small volcanoes, and my Red Rose under glass." The fox smiled, and said: "That sounds perfect. Are there any chickens?" The Prince one again answers no. The fox said: "Well, no place is perfect." The Little Prince then asked if he could pet the fox. The fox said no. "I can't be petted or played with, and you can never be more than an aquaintance."
Sad, but not discouraged, the Little Prince asked the fox why, because he was lonely, and hadn't had anyone to talk with or play with in ages. The Fox shook its head, and said: "I'm not tame. I can't trust anyone, and all I care about right now is hunting chickens, so I don't have time to be tamed." The Little Prince then asked what "tame" meant. The Fox smiled, and explained:" It takes a very long time. It can't be done in minutes or days. You have to invest a lot of your free time, and sacrifice your own wishes to succeed. You need to show you're trustworthy and special. " The Little Prince didn't understand. He asked, " What do you mean special? What do you mean time, and trustworthy?" The Fox continued:
"It means, you have to make a promise. And keep it everyday. It's a sacrifice, but I suppose hunting chickens will bore me soon, and you have free time to spare, so...I'll let you tame me. You must come here, to this meadow everyday at the same time. Sit at the edge of that feild at that same time, in the same spot. I will stay here, in my spot everyday, at the same time. Soon, I will come closer. But you will stay in your spot, and will not move. One day, I'll be right in front of you. Then, perhaps the next day after that, I will talk with you. And everyday after that we will talk. Then, I will let you pet me. day...I will play with you."
The Little Prince shook his head. "Why would it take so long? I'm lonely now."
The Fox answered, "You won't understand now. But if you keep your promise, and show up here everyday, and sit there at the same time everday, I will, one day have something to look foward to, as will you."
The Little Prince reluctantly agreed, having nothing else to do, and being curious just the same.
The next day, he came to the feild and sat in a spot. The Fox showed up a little later, sitting at the far end of the meadow, by the trees hidden from The Little Prince's gaze. This continued for a week, then 2, then 3 finally a month then two. Finally some time later, the Little Prince and the Fox were playing, and became good friends. They talked about everything and nothing...they ran around and played tag and other games...The Little Prince told the Fox about his Red Rose on his tiny planet; he told how she is cruel, snobby, and selfish. She only opens her petals for him, and despite how rude she is sometimes, he still has to take care of her, and he is still overjoyed when he is by her. He then told of his anger when he realized she lied to him. She told him she was the only rose of her kind, that no other flower was as beautiful as her. But he saw a whole garden filled with red roses JUST like her! He was hurt, and knew how sad she would be to know she was not special at all. The Fox listened to all of this, and everyday, when their visits ended, he left for his den. weeks passed...
The next time they met, The Fox told the Little Prince he could no longer come to the field to see him anymore.
The Little Prince became frantic, afraid that he had said something to hurt the fox's feelings. The Fox shook its head. "There is no use crying...or begging me to stay. You've tamed me, and now I have to return to the wild again. I won't ever be the same again, because out of all the humans, you have treated me the kindest. I promised you I would tell you why it took so long to tame me...Men have forgotten that 'What is essential to life, cannot be observed by the eye. ' Only what we feel in our hearts is what lasts, what is real. By taming me, you made this time special to me, on what would ordinarily be just another day, or just another human. You are now special to me, the way your Rose is special to you. No one can understand this, because over all the humans in the world, you are the only one I befreinded, the only one I will remember. Now, everyday at the same time I will think of you. And everyday at the same time, you will think about me. Never let anyone tell you your rose is ordinary, for only she has tamed you, and only you are special to her, thus, she is unique to your heart."
The Little Prince cried and cried, not wanting to part with his new friend. He asked, "What is the meaning of making friends that you tame if you lose them?"
The Fox replied one last time, "It will always matter to me. Remember, 'what is essential in life cannot by observed by the eye.' " And then, the fox smiled, then ran off into the forest again, this time, not to return....
And the Little Prince left the feild sadly...and for a few days, he returned, looking to see if the Fox would be there again by chance. Finally, he moved on to the next place...and came to the same garden of roses he found that day so long ago... He stood defiantly and looked at them all:
"All of you are useless, ugly, and ordinary! My rose is the most beautiful and unique flower in the universe, and she is specail to me, and I to her...!"
Even though The Little Prince's fox was no longer with him, he remembered the fox and what he had learned. And even though the fox no longer saw the Little Prince, he always held a special place in his heart for the Little prince and that would never change.

Take what you will, but remember, I am a fox, and foxes take a very long time to tame, and even if, one day after you have tamed me, I must leave or you must, I will always be your tamed fox and you will always be in my heart. Please do not be one of the non-imaginative grown ups and please remember to take the time to tame your own fox because it will always be worth it.

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