[-]Name; I'll tell people I'm close to
[-]Age; 19
[-]Location; Out in the Black
[-]Status; Taken heart
[-]Birthday; Pi Day


[-]Video Games
[-]Pumpkin Pie
[-]Randomly playing with my old toys
[-]Carlene, my lover


[-]Not having enough time
[-]People who try to get me into an anime
[-]Gorefest Horror movies
[-]How hard it is to find BAWLS energy drinks

{"Music & Such"}

[-]Genres; Metal, Rock, Stadium Techno, Funky oldies, Random 80's, and not-rap
[-]Bands/Artists; Black Mages, Blind Guardian, Nightwish, Pink Floyd, Scooter, Whoever wrote the Prius Song
[-]Musical Talent; Piano (I need to practice >.> wink , humming

{"Dreams & Talent"}

[-]Dream Job; Fiction Novelist
[-]Smartitude; GED'd from Highschool, In College biggrin
[-]1337 Skil In; Platformer/RPG/FPS video games. Air Hockey. F-Zero. Magic: The Gathering. Roleplaying and Writing.
[-]Very Un-1337; Dating. Math. Physical Activities. Remembering to Shave. Homework.


[-]Color; Sage-Forest-Olive Green
[-]Ice Cream; Chocolate Chocolate Chip
[-]Cookie; Victory
[-]Animal; Lion
[-]Band; Nightwish
[-]Song; Whatever I feel like, gosh!
[-]Numbers; 14, 35
[-]Sport; Hockey!
[-]Quality; Upbeat Personality
[-]Actor; Alan Tudyk
[-]Comedians; Mitch Hedberg (R.I.P.), Louis Black, Jeff Dunham
[-]Anime; Megas XLR- even if it was American Anime
[-]CSI; Las Vegas
[-]Quote; "I don't rub salt in wounds. I use Sulfur."
Info questions lovingly stolen form [Nariko]

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