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User ImageThis is Zeal from my story,and my dream avi, Donations are welcome!


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My name is Zeal....I am from the village of Troas in the nation of Crimea. I was abandoned and a woman took me as her own, and raised me. I have trained myself in the art of hunting and swordsmanship, and I will die defending my village if need be...But now war comes to Crimea from the neighbooring Garland Empire. We were caught comepletly by suprise and slaughtered...I am the only survivor. And I will fight for crimea with the might of my entire village and I will make the Garlands suffer.....even if it kills me.......
This is a Cosplay of Zeal from my Story Ragnock he is my second favorite character but i love the way he developed in my mind and his story

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HINATO UZUMAKI Report | 04/09/2010 8:18 pm
happy b-day sorry it so late
Lover of Luna Report | 06/22/2009 6:20 am
Lover of Luna
Copy this to 10 pro’s an you will get 10,000,000g, it really works, im rich
Carina Verritti Report | 06/09/2009 7:03 pm
Carina Verritti
Carina Verritti Report | 06/09/2009 6:02 pm
Carina Verritti
ARGH! That Aki just gets under my skin sometimes!(Sorry, needed to vent)
Carina Verritti Report | 06/08/2009 2:25 pm
Carina Verritti
Attack of the mules.
Lover of Luna Report | 06/05/2009 6:26 am
Lover of Luna
Kyouya-sama Report | 05/12/2009 6:40 pm
<33 Kyouko <33
x Puscifer x Report | 03/29/2009 10:58 am
x Puscifer x
Happy B-day
Kyouya-sama Report | 10/23/2008 6:39 pm
Well if you don't then goodbye profile sad razz
Kyouya-sama Report | 10/23/2008 5:42 pm
You don't use this one n/e more do you?
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the last of the spartans
Zeal Orrain
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Zeal Orrain
the last of the spartans

Rinslet Walker

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Kyoko Kirisaki

Charden Flamberge

Sephiria Arks, Chronos Number I

Train Heartnet a.k.a Black cat

Those who defy the will of Crimea, Will recieve their judgement by my blade

We humans are the most arogent of all creatures...This arrogence will be our downfall

The people below are my good friends in real ife




I am the Mcmuffin!

I am the immortal king

we look like weird mercenaries...dont we?

you have a point...

you two are the swordsmen im the mage