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RedSparkz01-6 Report | 09/28/2016 7:43 am
and are you taking vitamins? now i am getting more worried about you! gonk
eat lots of vegies, pocky! wahmbulance
RedSparkz01-6 Report | 09/28/2016 7:39 am
right you are! heart oh, well... i guess there's no pleasing everyone. maybe most of them knew about the site coz they started off with zOMG! and not coz of the community? emotion_zombie
IKR??!!! even i am sad watching close friends here suddenly either changing their status to quiting and goodbyes coz of zomg OR just never coming online again...! emotion_facepalm
I AM THANKFUL I DIDN'T COMPLETELY LEAVE AT ALL, TOO! COZ I KNOW SOME OF YOU MAYBE ON HIATUS BUT, IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU GUYS QUIT! as long as i don't get a confirmation from the person that they are saying goodbye or quitting, i will stay (though semi-hiatus) coz i don't abandon people without saying anything at all, too. ( * u * )b
OMG, I REALLY MISSED YOU! THANK GOODNESS YOU DIDN'T COMPLETELY LEAVE! -tackle glomps- heart emotion_awesome emotion_hug
yep, even sleep. maybe coz i am desperately trying to reject a boring life that i once had - everything was dull and colorless until i started working and left family's house. i was never happy back then and never smiled at my "family" (supposedly that's what they're called though they don't act like it).
but i do have a lot of hobby to keep myself happy. my 1st bestfriend back home: pencils and papers (love traditional sketching), then broadened to crafts years later, then more years later my only bestfriend was my PC coz i discovered MMORPG - my 1st escape from dull life was playing Ragnarok Online a year after it was officially released. i think i either 15 or 16 years old then. from that point, i started LOVING MMORPGs and my PC became my official bestfriend, meeting happy, kind people online also helped. but when i'm not using my PC, i still do arts and crafts and continue to broaden my knowledge, experience and skills. my not-so-much goal/dream was to be almost like a Jack of All Trades (no intension of making myself feel pressured again) in any form of art related fields. lol
i have too much hobby and after learning dem i get bored, learn then get bored. rinse and repeat. lol emotion_facepalm
traditional artist of pen and paper arrow athletic (joined almost all activities i can learn from) arrow sewing arrow painting arrow apprenticeship in website-making arrow sculpting arrow gamer arrow started fiber crafting and officially became one (fiber crafter) arrow metal crafter arrow glass crafter arrow broadening my knowledge from just traditional anime-style art to realistic and CG/3D...
the list goes on, pocky, i tell you. sweatdrop and each and every time i learn something i don't get interested in it that long. but there is 1 hobby i still enjoy and don't mind doing a lot until now: metal crafting. maybe coz i don't get d chance to go all out on it since i don't have enough time for it as it takes a lot, even more so when i intentionally do it slowly coz i am enjoying every moment i shape a piece of metal sheet. xp sweatdrop
i don't really watch television anymore since 16 yrs. old. very rare watching dramas. i almost lost complete interest in anime shows now as decent ones stopped. anime shows now r mostly all about romance that went overboard that it looks like it was made for love-addicted people, fanservice, randomness, etchy, hentai. i think d last 1 i've liked so far after a few years was K (that's the anime title). for me that's currently d last decent epic anime show aired. any new anime show u can recommend that's not cliche anymore? crying
natsumi_bianca Report | 09/27/2016 9:15 pm
The inflation is mostly caused by gold generators sad
Sucks. especially for users like me who has never used Gaia cash and can't use it.
How's your week going so far
RedSparkz01-6 Report | 09/26/2016 2:15 am
ikr?! 3nodding goodness, even before zOMG! disappeared i still made time to go online even though i'm a working person. but this whole thing is just sad when people you hung out with disappear only just coz of zOMG! like we had no moments shared together, or were there really times we shared together with sincere friendship? cry
yeah. work takes the energy out of us that we'd just prefer to rest up afterwards. did you ever experience sleepless nights? i had countless and that was only because even sleeping was starting to bore me. lol
at least we have each other! (fellow hiatus people, LOLOLOL.) xd
natsumi_bianca Report | 09/25/2016 9:32 pm
well flat coloring is basic..people do like that as well ^_^
I have no clue how to use SAI or photoshop or how to color. I draw really lame stuff on my scrapbook. haha
So you are way ahead. Yes I think 20B was reasonable for the chibi...some people charge like 400B and stuff so I can't really afford that gonk
natsumi_bianca Report | 09/25/2016 7:09 pm
your art is so cute! Well you definitely need to re-price your art...its prolly gonna be 25 Bill and above (25 bill for a simple chibi and maybe 60 Bill for regular)(I'm not sure you better check the pricing forums)
This chibi is 20Bill..I got it a few days back...but I paid the artist 30 Bill http://orig12.deviantart.net/b04e/f/2016/267/c/0/gc__natsumi_bianca_by_shiropyon-daip2d3.png
I took a long time to save that amount and she finished the art in 2 hours or so which shocked me! how can she finish it so fast with the coloring and everything.
natsumi_bianca Report | 09/25/2016 2:32 am
Do you do traditional art or digital?
RedSparkz01-6 Report | 09/24/2016 3:08 am
lol, oh no doubt about it that you can get them all in a few days! xd drink coffee to keep yourself awake through your sleepless night attempt. i'll try to be online as much now that you're back, and to watch how you achieve your goal in Gaia once again. lol
i've been doing fine, thank you! though it's getting harder for me to entertain myself with a dull life i'm running - eat, work, sleep. when i got spare time, i've got nothing to do with it anymore since most Gaia friends forgot about this site when they got work and some coz zOMG! disappeared. and me and my real life friends are far from each other now since they left to go abroad or different cities due to work. so playing alone has been lonely to the point of NO POINT PLAYING anymore, hahaha. T u T
you still in college btw? 3nodding
natsumi_bianca Report | 09/23/2016 9:47 am
you can always start practicing again ^_^
and you're welcome...If you do make an art shop I can help you count blaugh rofl
natsumi_bianca Report | 09/23/2016 9:03 am
Oh! you're an artist! you could make gold by doing art instead....People still pay a lot for art ^^ (your art is lovely by the way heart )
I need to use my phone calculator coz it gives the commas in between the numbers else I won't be able to sell or buy anything! I can't count that far. haha

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