Hai! Im Zax and this is mah page! I live in North Florida but I was born in Australia. Yes I have an accent when I want to show it off. I dont talk with it all the time since I have lived in America since I was 9. I do bring it back on request cause people think its sexy xd . I love dogs, I have SIX of them and they are all German Shepard's. They are my babies and I lub them sooooooo much. I am a Bi-sexual male, I am currently in a relationship. I am 21 years old and I drink/smoke socially. I play American football, and Paintball. I am a MAJOR Gamer. I Love meeting new people so feel free to talk to me! I dont bite.......much.... Nah thats a lie. I bite alot! 3nodding

Just a fair warning. I take sh*t from no one and fight for the people I care about. If you come to burn me or the people sharing my lifestyle, you had best be ready for a storm.

If you want an idea of me, here is it:

Sadistic Seme:

Arrogant, perfectionistic, and self-assured, the Sadistic Seme hungers for power and control, knowing exactly what they want and going after it relentlessly. Refined in style and tastes, the Sadistic Seme demands the very best, and will only accept perfection and complete obedience from the one under their control. Their presence darkly commanding, this Seme personality is all about being 'The Master' ~ and having their partner submissively at their feet, soul in their grasp, is what it takes to satisfy their craving for power. The Sadistic Seme is one to be wary of, unless you crave dark punishment - for once they have you in their grasp, you may never escape.

The Sadistic Seme personality best (but not always) corresponds with these associations:

Japanese Element: Fire

Chinese Zodiac: Dragon

Color: Red

Fruit: Pomegranate

Dessert: Fruit dipped in melted chocolate

Theme Song: Miss Murder - AFI (I changed this from the one they had listed AFI is better)

Was macht einen Gott? Was gewährt irgendjemanden oder irgendetwas, dass Art von Macht und Verantwortung? Die Antwort ist furchtbar kompliziert. Was bedeutet, dass niemand weiß. Also alles, was ich tun kann, ist in dieser Welt zu leben, wie ich es sehe. Und hoffe, dass ich die perfekte jemanden, der es mit zu teilen. Und wenn das Ende kommt schließlich, vielleicht werden wir wissen, endlich die Wahrheit.

((Want really know me? Answer that.))


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World of Darkness Characters

Here is where I will post any RP characters I have from the World of Darkness setting


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Itsuna Ohori

Report | 11/24/2012 3:35 pm

Itsuna Ohori

    -jumps around for funsies-

    Pandora is really choosing interesting songs for me...

    Also hiiiiiiiii. :3
Mad BarronVon

Report | 03/13/2012 12:40 pm

Mad BarronVon

I thought so too.
Mad BarronVon

Report | 03/10/2012 12:52 pm

Mad BarronVon

" Not sure just saying heello."
Mad BarronVon

Report | 03/10/2012 12:39 pm

Mad BarronVon

"Hi there." =]
Cinder Plum

Report | 03/03/2012 12:45 pm

Cinder Plum

Herpaderpaderp 8D
Chalk Board Enthusiast

Report | 02/14/2012 9:39 am

Chalk Board Enthusiast

NEVAR!!!!!!!!!! *hides in the bathtub with the curtain drawn*
Chalk Board Enthusiast

Report | 02/14/2012 9:09 am

Chalk Board Enthusiast

It looks like im your first comment smile *steals comment virginity and runs*


21/Male/Bi-sexual, male prefered
You had best come prepared. Fair warning.

I'm a Sadistic Seme!
Arrogant, power-hungry, and relentless I'm a Sadistic Seme!
Most compatible with: Dramatic Uke
Least compatible with: Everyone else

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