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Zaul Oleander

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Last Login: 06/17/2019 6:32 pm

Registered: 12/23/2006

Gender: Male

Location: Aselia (constantly roaming)

Occupation: Freelancing Hunter

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((Zaul Oleander here is a Tales of Symphonia fan-character. A far more detailed profile can be found through the Personal Website link.))

Age: 29
Race: Half-Elf/Werewolf
Alignment: Neutral Good
Occupation: Freelancing Hunter
Class: Magic Gunman
Weapon(s): Twin pistols that look like flintlocks, that can run off the mana in the environment. Thus, he doesn't need to constantly buy ammo. Also armed with brass knuckles.

Personality: Zaul is generally a confident and easygoing man, though he knows when to play it careful and serious. Once he establishes a deeper level of camaraderie with someone, he starts to become more lax around them and come off as somewhat of a goofball. He doesn’t mind his safety much when in a group, however; he often becomes focused on shielding others from harm rather than himself.

Whether stranger or friend, though…he has a tendency toward blunt honesty.

His reaction to the discrimination against his kind is of sheer indifference. He’ll just shrug off remarks and ignore persistent taunting, but that isn’t to say he’s a doormat. He will act in defense if he sees it necessary; for instance, when the offender threatens physical harm.

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