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#1 thing you should know about me: my head is a very scary and random place. You don't want to be in there at anytime.

#2. Don't judge me until you get to know me. I may be a b***h at times and not have the best appearance but I am a really cool person.

Hit Me up sometime. I love making new friend and chatting.
Well I guess I'll catch you later. Byez <3


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All My Girls

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The Cake Is A LIE!!!

Mess with her, you mess with me.

Try Not To Do Anything Stupid.

I Miss You!! You Should Come See Me Sometime!!

We Need To RP More. Your Getting Rusty! LOL

Don't Make Me Kick Your a** Again!

I Love You Sissy!!

I'm Awesome!!


Where Have You Been?!

*pounce* HI!!