Chibas is gone, and probably won't be back for awhile. Thanks to certain people, i've gotten fed up with everything, and i'm going to vent.
So thanks, thanks for your bullshit.

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First of all, this is what you need to know.

My name is Ria. Remember it, endulge in it, or hate it.
You can find Ria in fabulous Hollywood Horror., California.
I'm skeptical, optimisitc, careless, bitchy, and cocky, and yet i love expressing my feelings with some sexual context in it.
I love pepsi.
I engage in inking my body and puncturing my face. Yes, i have many of each.
Sometimes i like to laugh at people's pain.
So don't keep bothering me about it, you'll get one when i'm not lazy.
Don't label me please, i'm not a can of soup.
Jesse is special because he's the only one who can call me Inkery Tit Bubble.
You're not allowed to.
I love Metal, Black Metal, Norwegian Metal, and any other gruesome Metal.
Sometimes i'm conceited, most of the times i'm not.
I don't care if you think i'm ugly. Cause, i already know i'm not.

Your confrentational compliments online will do nothing to do me, so don't bother.
I draw for people i like.
I make signs for Queers.
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I'm a ******** f*****t, get used to it.

That's really all you need to know.