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Zamos The Red

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Last Login: 01/24/2023 7:24 am

Registered: 10/23/2006

Gender: Female

Location: Alexander City AL

Birthday: 08/22


Hello! I'm Zamos! I'm open to chatting or playing zOMG with just about anyone as long as you're not an annoyance. I enjoy a good RP every now and again. I'm slightly crazy and totally perverted... I was considered one of the gothic, anime-freak kids at school, but I get along with anybody and I'm really nice. I love swords and the art of medieval fighting. I try not get in trouble even though I do anyways. I love reading fantasy and sci fi, writing stories, singing (in the car or the shower where no one can hear me), and I'm a wickedly good cook. I'm into anything artistic and doesn't require much effort.That's about it!You wont be making a mistake if you want to be my friend! lol Bye!

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