You randomly decided to check my old profile

Curious to know who I am?
Perhaps to see if I still write journals?
To view a list of equipped items or a wish list?

My name is Zain Akkla
I have gone by this name since 2003 Online
Consider it my pen name
On other sites I am simply known as "Akkla"

I am indeed a furry - If my signature did not give that away
The character was first imagined back in 2003 along with the name
At one point I used to draw, but now I simply commission art of my character

You will usually find me in the "Avatar Talk" Forums
I like to think I have an eye for fashion
and love to share my opinion on other creations

When I first joined this website I was an Exchange Junkie
Economics along with trading always fascinates me
However I no longer play that chess game

I also used to Role Play on this website
Letting my imagination run wild and create a world with friends
Those days are long in the past
Just old memories that I go to visit once a blue moon

~* ---------- *~

If you remember me from back in the day
Leave me a shout
I'm still active
Maybe not always
but I somehow tend to come back to this place at some point in time