Well, I bet you didn't expect to pop on here. Maybe you actually meant to come on here, which in that case, congratulations! I hope this isn't gonna bore you to tears or anything. I'm a twenty-eight-year-old gay male, I suffer from major depression, and generalized anxiety. Oh, I also like to listen to music, play video games, watch movies, and so on. I adore cats of which I own three of my own.

As for specifics of my interests. Well, it might be better for you to ask me than just for me to spill them out on here. Generally, I adore jazz, classical, alternative rock, and J-Rock. My tastes can vary, so if you want to get specific names out of me, just ask and I can throw some that I particularly enjoy.

For video games, I prefer horror, casual, role-playing, immersive... well that last bit isn't exactly a genre. I'm not much for bullet-hell style games, nor do I enjoy shooters. Although, I do like Fallout 3, NV, and 4. As for horror, I loathe jumpscares, but I enjoy ones that are immersive and inspire dread and despair.

Movies are much like my games, except I prefer horror, dark comedy, and... slice-of-life sometimes. It's kinda hard to get into details on it.

Well, I hope you enjoy what you've read. Any questions, don't hesitate to pound on that PM button like there's no tomorrow.


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A guide to the Mad World of Zahnweh

It's a rather random piece of work. Maybe holding something personal, something creative, or just something random and crappy. Either way, you're welcomed to read it if you desire, or just ignore it if you do not.



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I had JUST posted that too xD so nice timing. <3

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Thanks for buying xp


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